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Slice is a Responsive jQuery Slider and Carousel Plugin, the whole thing you wish to have in a single plugin. Along with vintage horizontal sliders and carousels, it supplies absolutely purposeful vertical sliders and carousels. Slice supplies enourmous quantity of choices and examples of it, that may fullfill some subtle duties. All choices will also be set without delay in HTML by way of knowledge attributes in a easy approach. Simple extendable and themable, comes with 5 pre-styled subject matters too make a choice from and extra is comming.

This product comprises CSS, HTML and Javascript, it’s now not a WordPress plugin.


  • Slider and Carousel
    Two in a single product and extra is comming.
  • Vertical Sliding
    Totally purposeful vertical slider and carousel.
  • Slide The entirety
    Helps photographs, textes or HTML content material sliding.
  • Parallax Impact block
    Upload scrolling and cursor parallax results on your blocks.
  • Quilt Block
    Make your symbol quilt your block properly and managable.
  • 100+ Choices
    Numerous choices to customise your Sliders and Carousels
  • 6 Pre-Styled Subject matters
    Few subject matters to choose between and extra is comming.
  • 10+ Able-to-Use examples
    Sliders examples to repeat on your website.
  • Slide Content material CSS Animation
    Animate you slider content material with CSS3 animation.
  • Regulate keys
    Manipulate slider with keybord keys.
  • Themable
    Create personal subject matters or fast to make use of sliders and carousels collections.
  • Slider Layers
    Layer gadget to simplify slider and it’s parts customization.
  • Banner sliders and fullscreen sliders
    Best banner and in-content banner sliders with all set of options at your disposal.
  • Lazy and good symbol load
    Load your slider photographs when they’re required.
  • Autosize Slides
    Make slides observe it’s content material length.
  • Adaptive Peak
    Stick slider peak to the present slide.
  • Heart View
    Align present slide to the middle of your carousel.
  • Degree Padding
    Make person see a part of earlier and subsequent slide.
  • Degree Dimension
    Restrict area taken through lively slides.
  • Slide Side Ratio
    Make slides observe side ration you put.
  • Present Slide Dimension
    Make present slide stand out through makind it smaller or larger than different slides.
  • Autoplay
    Make slider slide automaticaly.
  • Loose Play
    Automaticaly transfer throught all slides with set pace.
  • Slides Spacing
    Set area between slides without delay with out a CSS.
  • Mouse and Contact Draggable
    Dragg or swipe slides freely.
  • Loose Draggable
    Keep the place you drag.
  • Slide loop
    Countless sliding and slide dragging.
  • Rewind
    Transfer to oposite facet on reachin the top.
  • Responsive
    Customise slide choices for any instrument length.
  • Modular
    Use simplest capability you wish to have.
  • Knowledge Attributes
    All choices will also be set without delay in HTML.
  • Documentation
    All choices are documented and described.
  • Common Loose Updates
    Extra options, choices and subject matters in long run updates.

Long term Plans

2d large replace is out – Slice v1.2!
There might be a serie of mini updates that can come with:

  • Documentation – extending choices documentation, changelog document – achieved
  • Livepreview and demo – extending, for now remodeling it’s put to some other primary model
  • Drag and freeDrag – extending with extra capability
  • Autoplay and liveplay – extending with extra capability
  • Parallax impact – extending with extra capability – added cursor parallax impact
  • Animate.css – replace to new model of it – achieved
  • Slider Subject matters – few extra subject matters – achieved, added Circle theme, Minimalistic theme
  • Able-to-use sliders and carousels – extra examples – added 5 and extra is coming

The aim of Slice is to supply capability to create subtle sliders and carousels concepts. Here’s a couple of issues which might be deliberate for it:

  • Further subject matters – in subsequent replace.
  • On-line slider builder – quickly.
  • Hooked up sliders and carousels – quickly.
  • Slides filtration – quickly.
  • Tabs-like sliding and filtration – quickly.
  • Adaptive width – quickly.
  • Slide-size layer – quickly.
  • Popup and lightbox slider – quickly.
  • Symbol popup scale and entire view field – quickly.
  • Video, tune playlist – quickly.
  • Slide content material CSS animation – extra CSS3 animations quickly.
  • Have extra concepts? – touch us and we would upload it.

Additionally, some waiting to make use of sliders and carousels might be added in subsequent replace, and each and every replace, to copy-paste on your website online.


  • Bootstrap 4
  • jQuery
  • Animate.css
  • Font Superior
  • Picabay
  • Pexels


26 Would possibly 2021 – Model 1.2.4.a

  • Mounted contact dragg combating web page scrolling on cellular gadgets: now horizontal slider simplest prevents horizonal web page scrolling, vertical slider – prevents vertical web page scrolling.

5 September 2020 – Model 1.2.4

  • Added autoplay get started and rewind extend choices hyperlink.
  • Added sliding animation and pace choices, added fade sliding animation hyperlink.
  • Added 1 ready-to-use slider hyperlink.
  • Created separate standalone library Slice Core. It incorporates a large number of helpfull stuff to make JavaScript plugins construction more uncomplicated.
  • Web Explorer 11 trojan horse fixes.
  • Up to date Bootstrap to the most recent model – v4.5.2

7 July 2020 – Model 1.2.3

  • Added keep watch over keys choices hyperlink.
  • Added Minimalistic theme hyperlink.
  • Added 3 ready-to-use sliders hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink.
  • Added slice-slider-inline taste to take away additional spacing hyperlink.
  • Small trojan horse fixes for vertical mode.
  • Small trojan horse fixes for defense plugin.

18 June 2020 – Model 1.2.2

  • Added cursor parallax impact hyperlink.
  • Added parallax animation choices hyperlink, hyperlink.
  • Scroll and cursor parallax impact will also be mixed hyperlink.
  • Added 1 ready-to-use slider hyperlink.
  • Added code examples replica/paste buttons to the documentation.
  • Added changelog document to the documentation folder.
  • Small trojan horse fixes for adaptive mode.

27 Would possibly 2020 – Model 1.2.1

  • Modified folder construction, to split property and libs folders
  • Added Circle theme hyperlink
  • Added 1 extra ready-to-use instance hyperlink
  • Up to date Animate.css to the most recent model. Please you should definitely observe their migration information
  • Added 5 new slider choices.
  • Added play rewind, rewind extend, opposite, resume on inactive choices. You’ll to find examples in all subject matters, as an example for circle theme hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink.
  • Added drag treeshold kind possibility. You’ll to find examples in all subject matters, as an example for circle theme hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink
  • Repair un-stick slides adaptive trojan horse.
  • Repair autosize slides imposible to tug to closing slide trojan horse.
  • Repair parallax script trojan horse, that during some instances tousled drawing symbol when pace is ready as vary or auto-speed.

16 Would possibly 2020 – Model 1.2

  • General code transform. Code optimization and standartization with eslint.
  • Added 15 new slider choices.
  • Added freeplay mode. You’ll to find examples in all subject matters, as an example for sq. theme hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink.
  • Added freedrag mode. You’ll to find examples in all subject matters, as an example for sq. theme hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink
  • Remodeled slider pace calculations.
  • Added slider pace varieties: slider, sliderfixed, viewport, uniform, static, and so on.
  • Remodeled how degree motion works:
    • now it’s conceivable to use present slide proggress, as an example with playLive and liveDrag choices
    • adaptive peak mode works while you transfer degree, i.e. while you drag it with mouse
    • loop mode will recalculate place each and every time you succeed in cloned parts, i.e. you’ll drag with mouse throught the similar slide few occasions, to mention extra infinitely
    • in loop mode it’s going to attempt to observe present part types although you spot it’s clone
  • Because of degree motion reworks, now draggable area isn’t restricted to slider part.
  • Remodeled subsequent/earlier slide. Now, when present slide is in part visual and also you click on on subsequent slide arrow slider will transfer to it and to not subsequent slide, similar is going with earlier arrow however, vice versa.
  • General javascript code commenting.
  • Mounted adaptive mode, autoplay, and so on. insects.

18 March 2020 – Model 1.1.3

  • Added parallax plugin, instance web page hyperlink
  • Mounted adaptive peak trojan horse, that made slider have wrond length, when symbol used to be loaded after initialization.

5 February 2020 – Model 1.1.2

  • Added overflow space choices to hide plugin
  • Added quilt plugin instance web page hyperlink
  • Now slice will grasp slider and carousel autoplay on inactive browser tab/window

30 January 2020 – Model 1.1.1

  • Added 7 extra ready-to-use examples hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink, hyperlink
  • Added userInactiveClass and userInactiveDelay to customise slider parts, for now it may be used to cover arrows navigation when person is inactive
  • Minor animation and different trojan horse fixes

14 January 2020 – Model 1.1

  • Added slide content material CSS animation hyperlink (Easy theme)
  • Added lazy and good slide photographs load hyperlink (Easy theme)
  • Added symbol quilt
  • Added banner sliders and fullscreen slider hyperlink (Easy theme banner slider) and hyperlink (Easy theme fullscreen slider)
  • Added Narrow theme hyperlink (Easy theme)
  • Added 1 ready-to-use slider hyperlink (Easy theme)

25 October 2019 – Model 1.0

  • Preliminary unencumber.

Notes: Pictures used within the livepreview aren’t integrated within the Downloaded Bundle.

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