Slick &Amp; Clean - Html5 And Css3 Responsive Forms

Slick & Clean – HTML5 and CSS3 Responsive Forms

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Packed with 8 Responsive CSS3 Forms for a Quick use

Slick & Clean – HTML5 and CSS3 Responsive Forms are made to be easily installed, modified and customized to fit your needs along with flexible styling options. The pack contains 14 HTML5 and CSS3 Forms layouts for a quick use with 28 different setup’s.

Contact and Feedback forms

Contant and Feedback forms are made to be user friendly and have an ability to customize the fields for every occasion on your website. The pack inlcudes:

  1. Contact, Feedback and Questionnaire form with tabs
  2. Contact form with Map
  3. Contact form Simple
  4. Feedback form Basic
  5. Feedback form Simple
  6. Questionnaire form Basic
  7. Questionnaire form Extended with tabs
  8. Contact, Feedback and Questionnaire form with tabs in popup
  9. Contact form with Map in popup
  10. Contact form Simple in popup
  11. Feedback form Basic in popup
  12. Feedback form Simple in popup
  13. Questionnaire form Basic in popup
  14. Questionnaire form Extended with tabs in popup

Registration and Login forms

Login, Register and Reset forms give your visitors a simple, yet transparent interface for login or registrating on your website. The pack includes:

  1. Register, Login and Reset form with tabs
  2. Registration form
  3. Login form
  4. Account reset form
  5. Register, Login and Reset form with tabs in popup
  6. Registration form in popup
  7. Login form in popup
  8. Account reset form in popup

Checkout, Comment and Search forms

Checkout/Order and Comment forms give you expanded options for enchanting interaction with your visitors. The pack includes:

  1. Checkout/Order form
  2. Comment form
  3. Checkout/Order form in popup
  4. Comment form in popup
  5. Site Search form
  6. Site Search form in popup

Candies in details

  • Responsive layout
  • Clean design and code
  • Easy to customize
  • CSS3 and HTML5 powered
  • 2 styles of Animated tabs
  • Custom checkboxes, radio buttons and ratings
  • Scalable icons by Entypo and WeLoveIconsFont cdn
  • Custom Pop Up’s and Validation errors
  • Custom Tooltips for Social buttons, Rating system & Pop Up modes
  • Well documentated
  • Inline comments through the code for additional help
  • IE9 fallback for placeholders

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Css Contact, Feedback, Register Forms

Need help? Slick support at your service

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Latest updates

– Icons are now self hosted for better performance
– Fixed minor bug on popups (Chrome bug)
– Updated documentation

– Added new form: Search form
– Updated documentation

– All forms are now responsive
– Added new form: Checkout form
– Added new form: Comment form
– Code and layout optimization
– Minor design modifications
– Minor bug fixes
– Updated documentation

– Added new feature: Ability to close the popup window by clicking on the overlay
– Updated placeholders fallback for IE9
– fixed minor Chrome box-shadow bug
– Updated documentation

– Added new forms: Contact, Feedback and Questionnaire form
– Added validation fields for Login and Registration Forms
– Updated documentation

– Added Login & Registration form in tabs with Popup mode
– Updated documentation

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