Soccer Engine

Soccer Engine

The Power of Soccer Engine

Soccer Engine is a revolutionary tool that is changing the way soccer teams analyze and optimize their performance. With powerful algorithms and advanced analytics, Soccer Engine provides teams with valuable insights and recommendations that can help them improve their game.

How Soccer Engine Works

Soccer Engine uses a combination of data collection, machine learning, and predictive modeling to analyze various aspects of a soccer team’s performance. It gathers data from matches, training sessions, and individual player statistics to create a comprehensive picture of the team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Key Features

Some of the key features of Soccer Engine include:

  • Match Analysis: Soccer Engine can break down individual matches to identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement.
  • Player Performance: The tool can provide insights into individual player performance, including areas for improvement and potential strategies for optimization.
  • Opponent Analysis: Soccer Engine can help teams prepare for upcoming matches by analyzing their opponents’ strengths and weaknesses.

Benefits for Teams

By utilizing Soccer Engine, teams can gain a competitive edge by making data-driven decisions and optimizing their performance. The tool can help teams identify areas for improvement, develop targeted training programs, and make informed decisions during matches.

Case Studies

Several top soccer teams have already started using Soccer Engine and have seen significant improvements in their performance. Real Madrid, Manchester City, and Bayern Munich are just a few examples of teams that have embraced the power of Soccer Engine and have reaped the benefits.

Get Started with Soccer Engine Today

If you are interested in taking your soccer team to the next level, consider integrating Soccer Engine into your training and match preparation. With its powerful features and proven track record, Soccer Engine is a valuable tool for any team looking to optimize their performance and gain a competitive edge.

Soccer Engine FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Soccer Engine?

The Soccer Engine is a comprehensive software platform designed to analyze and optimize performance in soccer teams. It uses advanced algorithms and data analytics to provide insights into player and team performance, as well as tactical strategies.

How can the Soccer Engine benefit my team?

The Soccer Engine can benefit your team by providing valuable data-driven insights that can help improve player performance, optimize team tactics, and ultimately enhance overall team success. It can also help identify areas for improvement and guide training and development programs.

What kind of data does the Soccer Engine analyze?

The Soccer Engine analyzes a wide range of data including player physical and technical performance, match statistics, and tactical formations. It can also integrate data from wearable technology and video analysis to provide a holistic view of your team’s performance.

Is the Soccer Engine suitable for all levels of soccer teams?

Yes, the Soccer Engine can be customized to meet the needs of teams at all levels, from amateur to professional. It can provide valuable insights and recommendations regardless of the level of play.

How easy is it to integrate the Soccer Engine into my team’s operations?

The Soccer Engine has been designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it relatively simple to integrate into your team’s operations. Our team of experts will provide comprehensive support and training to ensure a smooth implementation process.

Can the Soccer Engine be used for scouting and player recruitment?

Yes, the Soccer Engine can be a powerful tool for scouting and player recruitment. It can provide in-depth analysis of potential recruits and help identify players who are the best fit for your team based on performance metrics and tactical requirements.


The Soccer Engine plugin allows you to store, analyze, and display soccer data in your WordPress website.

With the 40 menus, 143 configuration options, and 33 Gutenberg blocks included in this plugin, you will be able to manage every aspect of your favorite sport.

This plugin can be used for example by:

  • Clubs that want to register and display the results of their senior and junior teams.
  • Clubs that want to create an advanced registry of players, staff members, match results, competitions and formations.
  • Bloggers that wants to review and analyze matches with timelines and commentaries.
  • The organizers of local competitions that want to list fixtures, results and awards of the competition.
  • Transfer market news and rumours related websites interested in creating a registry of player transfers, team contracts, player agencies and agency contracts.
  • News based networks that want to improve the soccer section with results, standings table and fixtures.
  • Websites owners interested in archiving a great amount of soccer data and in giving the visitors the ability to explore these data.
  • Websites focused on data analytics.


Manage Soccer Data

Store a great amount of soccer data with the CRUD editors available in the back-end menus of Soccer Engine.

The following archives of data are available:

  • Players
  • Player Positions
  • Player Awards
  • Player Award Types
  • Unavailable Players
  • Unavailable Player Types
  • Injuries
  • Injury Types
  • Staff
  • Staff Types
  • Staff Awards
  • Staff Award Types
  • Referees
  • Referee Badges
  • Referee Badge Types
  • Teams
  • Squads
  • Formations
  • Jersey Sets
  • Stadiums
  • Trophies
  • Trophy Types
  • Ranking Transitions
  • Ranking Types
  • Matches
  • Events
  • Competitions
  • Transfers
  • Transfer Types
  • Team Contracts
  • Team Contract Types
  • Agencies
  • Agency Contracts
  • Agency Contract Types
  • Market Value Transitions

Display Soccer Data

The Soccer Engine plugin is able to generate tables to display the stored data (22 blocks are available for this purpose), tables with generated statistics (E.g. Referee Statistics by Competition, Referee Statistics by Team), custom layouts for specific purposes (E.g. Match Timeline, Match Commentary, Player Summary, Staff Summary, Referee Summary), standings tables (E.g. Competition Standings Table), charts (E.g. Market Value Transitions Chart, Ranking Transitions Chart) and graphical representations based on the provided data (E.g. Visual Match Lineup).

The following Gutenberg blocks are included in the plugin:

  • Players Block
  • Player Summary Block
  • Player Awards Block
  • Unavailable Players Block
  • Injuries Block
  • Staff Block
  • Staff Summary Block
  • Staff Awards Block
  • Referee Summary Block
  • Referee Statistics by Competition Block
  • Referee Statistics by Team Block
  • Trophies Block
  • Ranking Transitions Block
  • Ranking Transitions Chart Block
  • Matches Block
  • Match Lineup Block
  • Match Visual Lineup Block
  • Match Substitutions Block
  • Match Staff Block
  • Match Commentary Block
  • Match Timeline Block
  • Match Score Block
  • Squad Lineup Block
  • Squad Substitutions Block
  • Squad Staff Block
  • Competition Round Block
  • Competition Standings Table Block
  • Transfers Block
  • Team Contracts Block
  • Agency Contracts Block
  • Market Value Transitions Block
  • Market Value Transitions Chart Block

Custom Queries

Each block comes with options available in the settings section of the block.

You can use these options to create custom queries on your data, for example, you can:

  • Use the Players block to display only the players with the role of “Goalkeeper”, with less than 21 years, that comes from a specific country.
  • Use the Matches block to display only the matches played in a specific period with “Juventus” as the home team.
  • Use the Transfers block to display only the transfers with a transfer fee higher than $1000000.
  • Use the Match Timeline to create special match timelines that include only a specific category of events.
  • Use the Injuries block to display only injuries with “Meniscal Tear” as injury type.
  • And more …

The settings section of the blocks includes four categories of options:

  • Filters used to create custom queries on the displayed data.
  • Options used to include or exclude elements of the generated layout.
  • Options used to handle the responsiveness of the layout.
  • Pagination options.

Create Charts

This plugin makes use of the Chart.js JavaScript library to generate charts based on the stored data.

Currently, there are two types of charts available, a line chart (or area chart) to represent the market value transitions of the player and a line chart (or area chart) to represent the ranking transitions of the teams.

Match Events

Every single event of a match can be registered in Soccer Engine.

The data of the events are an important aspect of the plugin and are used to generate:

  • Match results
  • Standings tables
  • Event Icons
  • Event Tooltips
  • Players statistics
  • Staff members statistics
  • Referees statistics
  • Performance data and indicators (E.g. Points Per Match, Average Goals For, Average Goal Against, Etc.)
  • And more …

Match Timeline

Display the single events of a match with the match timeline layout. For each event will be displayed the time with a high-resolution SVG clock, an image of the player or staff member involved in the event, the team logo, and additional textual information.

Match Commentary

Create a match commentary to update your users with all the details about each single event of the match. This layout is perfect if you want to provide to the visitors extended explanations of the events of a match.

Visual Lineup

This feature allows you to display the players of a team over a high resolution and customizable SVG field. The positions of the players are based on the formation associated with the team and the events of each player are displayed as icons with active tooltips.

Customize Everything

Consistency is a key principle in design, and with the included 63 style options you will be able to:

  • Customize the colors of each element displayed in all the 33 blocks
  • Customize the font of the text displayed in all the 33 blocks
  • Assign custom responsive breakpoints used to switch the layout of all the elements based on the viewport width
  • And more …

In terms of functionalities with the other 80 options you will be able to:

  • Allow access to the administrative pages of the plugin only to WordPress users with specific capabilities
  • Customize the back-end pagination system
  • Customize the format used to display monetary values
  • Set the measurement units
  • Customize the charts
  • And More …

Import and Export

The import and export feature available in Soccer Engine allows you to archive your data as XML files.

This is extremely useful because:

  • Works as a backup system for your data (you will never lose any single record)
  • You can move your data between different websites
  • You can move your data to other applications

Gutenberg Ready

This plugin comes with 33 Gutenberg blocks, and the behavior of each block can be customized with the options available in the Settings Sidebar.

Multisite Ready

This plugin can be used on a WordPress Network, and supports both a Network Activation (the plugin will be activated on all the sites of your WordPress Network in a single step) and a Single Site Activation (your plugin will be manually activated on single sites of the network).


With the REST API you can optionally manage the Soccer Engine data with external applications, create new additional plugin features, and more.

API Endpoint                    Method   Base Route
List Agencies                   GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/agencies
List Agency Contract Types      GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/agency-contract-types
List Agency Contracts           GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/agency-contracts
List Competitions               GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/competitions
List Events                     GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/events
List Formations                 GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/formations
List Injuries                   GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/injuries
List Jersey Sets                GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/jersey-sets
List Market Value Transitions   GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/market-value-transitions
List Matches                    GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/matches
List Player Award Types         GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/player-award-types
List Player Awards              GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/player-awards
List Player Positions           GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/player-positions
List Players                    GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/players
List Ranking Transitions        GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/ranking-transitions
List Ranking Types              GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/ranking-types
List Referee Badge Types        GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/referee-badge-types
List Referee Badges             GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/referee-badges
List Squads                     GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/squads
List Stadiums                   GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/stadiums
List Staff                      GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/staff
List Staff Award Types          GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/staff-award-types
List Staff Awards               GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/staff-awards
List Staff Types                GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/staff-types
List Team Contract Types        GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/team-contract-types
List Team Contracts             GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/team-contracts
List Teams                      GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/teams
List Transfer Types             GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/transfer-types
List Transfers                  GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/transfers
List Trophies                   GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/trophies
List Trophy Types               GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/trophy-types
List Unavailable Player Types   GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/unavailable-player-types
List Unavailable Players        GET      /daext-soccer-engine/v1/unavailable-players
Create Agency                   POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/agencies
Create Agency Contract          POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/agency-contracts
Create Agency Contract Type     POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/agency-contract-types
Create Competition              POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/competitions
Create Event                    POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/events
Create Formation                POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/formations
Create Injury                   POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/injuries
Create Injury Type              POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/injury-types
Create Jersey Set               POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/jersey-sets
Create Market Value Transition  POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/market-value-transitions
Create Match                    POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/matches
Create Player                   POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/players
Create Player Award             POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/player-awards
Create Player Award Type        POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/player-award-types
Create Player Position          POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/player-positions
Create Ranking Transition       POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/ranking-transitions
Create Ranking Type             POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/ranking-types
Create Referee                  POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/referees
Create Referee Badge            POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/referee-badges
Create Referee Badge Type       POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/referee-badge-types
Create Squad                    POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/squads
Create Stadium                  POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/stadiums
Create Staff                    POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/staffs
Create Staff Award              POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/staff-awards
Create Staff Award Type         POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/staff-award-types
Create Staff Type               POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/staff-types
Create Team                     POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/teams
Create Team Contract Type       POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/team-contract-types
Create Team Contract            POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/team-contracts
Create Transfer                 POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/transfers
Create Transfer Type            POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/transfer-types
Create Trophy                   POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/trophies
Create Trophy Type              POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/trophy-types
Create Unavailable Player Type  POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/unavailable-player-types
Create Unavailable Players      POST     /daext-soccer-engine/v1/unavailable-players

More information on the 68 REST API endpoints are available in the plugin manual.

Multilanguage Ready

Soccer Engine comes by default in English and Italian. If you want to translate the plugin in another language simply create a translation file or manually translate it with a multilanguage plugin.

High Quality Support

Support for this plugin is provided in English and Italian directly via email by the plugin developers. If you experience any problems or if you need detailed technical info about specific plugin parts we guarantee an answer in 24 hours.

Additional Information

  • This item presentation and the demo website make use of real names and logos of teams, competitions, trophies, and player agencies with the only purpose of creating the proper context to expose the plugin capabilities. If you are the owner of a brand listed in this item presentation or the demo website and you want to remove it, please contact us at
  • The downloadable WordPress plugin does not include soccer data and images. The administrator of the WordPress website has to manually add the data and the related images based on its specific needs.
  • The names of the players, staff members, and referees used in this item presentation and the demo website are not real.
  • The images of the players, staff members, and referees used in this item presentation and the demo website are generic stock images licensed through PhotoDune.


30.12.2023 - v1.25
  - Fixed PHP warnings.
  - General refactoring. The phpcs “WordPress” ruleset has been partially applied to the plugin code.
30.08.2022 - v1.24
  - 34 new REST API endpoints have been added
  - Minor back-end improvements
21.06.2022 - v1.22
  - Improved responsive version of the "Match Score" block
  - Improved style of the blocks in the post editor
09.03.2022 - v1.21
  - The dynamically generated CSS files are now created in the WordPress upload folder
08.03.2022 - v1.20
  - Minor back-end improvements
02.09.2021 - v1.19
  - Fixed sorting issue in the "Matches" and "Competition Round" blocks
  - The deprecated "block_categories" filter has been replaced with the "block_categories_all" filter
19.03.2021 - v1.18
  - Added support for the Transient API
  - Added support for shortcode attributes with multiple values
19.08.2020 - v1.17
  - Added two new options to customize the money format
  - Added a .pot file to speed up the translation process
  - Improved back-end validation
  - Removed PHP Notices caused by changes included in WordPress 5.5
  - Removed deprecated jQuery methods
  - Bug fix
16.04.2020 - v1.16
  - REST API added
01.04.2020 - v1.15
  - Initial release


This plugin makes use of the following resources:

  • Chosen licensed under the MIT License
  • Spectrum licensed under the MIT License
  • Chart.js licensed under the MIT License
  • Moment.js licensed under the MIT License
  • Flags icons by GoSquared licensed under the MIT License
  • jQuery licensed under the MIT License
  • The ball icon used in the back-end menus is part of Font Awesome and is licensed under the SIL license.

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