Sparic – Laravel Admin dashboard Template

Sparic – Laravel Admin dashboard Template

Welcome to Sparic – Laravel Admin Dashboard Template

What is Sparic?

Sparic is a premium admin dashboard template built with Laravel, a popular PHP framework. It is designed to help developers and designers build powerful and responsive admin panels for their web applications.

Key Features of Sparic

  • Responsive and mobile-friendly design
  • Easy customization with a well-organized structure
  • Ready-to-use components and widgets
  • Multiple layout options
  • Integrated with popular front-end frameworks like Bootstrap
  • Support for user authentication and authorization
  • Simple and clean code

Why Choose Sparic?

Sparic provides a robust foundation for building admin dashboards with Laravel. It saves developers time and effort in creating and styling components from scratch. The template is also regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of Laravel and other web technologies.

How to Get Sparic

You can purchase Sparic from the official website or from popular marketplaces for web templates. Once you have the template, you can start integrating it into your Laravel project and customize it according to your specific requirements.


Sparic is a fantastic tool for developers and designers who need a reliable and efficient way to create admin dashboards with Laravel. With its extensive features and flexibility, Sparic provides a solid foundation for building robust and user-friendly web applications.

Sparic FAQ

Sparic – Laravel Admin Dashboard Template FAQ

What is Sparic?

Sparic is a Laravel admin dashboard template that provides a clean and modern interface for managing and monitoring your web application or website. It is designed to be easy to use and highly customizable.

What features does Sparic offer?

Sparic offers a variety of features including pre-built dashboard layouts, UI components, form elements, tables, charts, and maps. It also includes authentication pages, error pages, and a variety of other useful pages to help you get started with your admin dashboard.

Is Sparic responsive?

Yes, Sparic is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. It is designed to look great and function well on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Can I customize Sparic to fit my needs?

Yes, Sparic is highly customizable. It includes well-structured and commented code that makes it easy to modify and add new features. You can also easily change the color scheme and styling to match your brand or design preferences.

How can I get support for Sparic?

If you need support for Sparic, you can visit the official website and access the documentation, or you can reach out to the support team for assistance.

Is Sparic regularly updated?

Yes, Sparic is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of Laravel and to add new features and improvements. When you purchase Sparic, you will receive free updates and support for a specified period of time.






Sparic – laravel vite bootstrap admin template. This laravel framework Includes Blade.php Pages & 50+ Plugins. It has a Clean creative laravel blade template, Awesome cool colors, charts, custom Tables and calendars. There are Premium Dashboard Laravel UI which can use be used for multipurpose php script blade template.

This laravel admin template Advanced Form-Elements like Date pickers, Advanced modern form elements and admin ui kit etc. This dashboard php template using Bootstrap 5 framework. This web based php admin template is Fully 100% Premium Templates quality. This laravel dashboard designed for using HTML5,CSS3, Jquery. After Purchased you get All PHP files,CSS, SCSS Files and JS Files.

This laravel blade php template has super clean simple flat user interface laravelui admin panel backend design, easy customizable components and widgets. This php script Blade laravel dashboard template comes with a awesome unique design also we ensure you can easily design any type of laravel admin panel web application template.This is support laravel mvc architecture support.

It is a fully clean laravel bootstrap Responsive php latest version html laravel admin template flat design for all type of devices works on all major web browsers, Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Tablet and all other smart phone devices.

Once you Purchase this bootstrap admin dashboard php template you will be enabled to get free download of all future updates.

This php laravel template comes with a awesome unique design also we ensure you can easily design any type of Backend Web App dashboard templates.

Adding to all this enjoy a lifetime FREE updates!

Template Features

• Laravel vite
• 2 Type of menus (Left Menu & Horizontal)
• Dark & Light Versions
• Bootstrap 5 Responsive Framework
• PHP Framework Laravel
• MVC architecture Support
• Package Management with NPM
• Professional Dashboard Laravel UI
• Regular Updates
• 50+ Plugins
• 5 types of Charts
• Select2
• About us
• Blog
• File Manager
• Gallery
• Mail Inbox
• Ecommerce Pages
• Services Page
• Blog Details
• Calendar
• Mail Inbox
• 11 Types of Icon sets
• File upload
• Message Chat
• Form Elements
• Month & Date & Year Range Pickers
• FormAdvanced Elements
• Data Tables
• Lockscreen Page
• Error Page

• User Profile
• Invoice Page
• Advanced Pricing Tables
• Easy to customize
• More Widgets
• Very Easy to Create your Own Site
• Neat, clean and simple design W3C Validated
• Well Commanted Code * 24 *7 Professional Company Support

What do you get?

• All PHP Files.
• CSS Files.
• SCSS Files.
• JS Files


• PHP >= 8.1.11 or Newer
• Laravel >= 9.37.0 or Newer
• Livewire >= 2.10
• Ctype PHP Extension
• OpenSSL PHP Extension
• Fileinfo PHP Extension
• PDO PHP Extension
• Mbstring PHP Extension
• Tokenizer PHP Extension
• XML PHP Extension
• JSON PHP Extension


This is a static template, which grants you the flexibility to customize and enhance its functionality to meet your specific requirements once purchased.

However, it is important to note that effectively utilizing this template requires a sufficient level of expertise, as the final product operates similarly to the demo version.

We highly recommend consulting with your development team before making a purchase to ensure compatibility and feasibility with your project.

Additionally, it is crucial to review the license policy and determine whether a regular or extended license is appropriate for your intended use before proceeding with the development of the end product.


SOURCES : All images are just used for DEMO Purpose Only. They are not part of the template and NOT included in the final purchase files.

How do I get Support ? :

We have an expert team to provide you with the best support whenever needed on business working days. We are also trying to assist non-technical support on the remaining days. Our Company’s technical support team will provide fast and reliable support assistance within response time or sooner.

Please note that we do not provide support via comments section these are not official channel for customer support.
How to contact support section?

Note : Our support team will respond to your request as long as the support purchase period is active. We will be providing our support service as per the product/item support policy. In order to continue our support service extend or renew support for an item is required.
How to renew support ?



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