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Stratum Professional is an remarkable and ever-growing number of inventive Elementor widgets. If you’re having a look to take the design features of Elementor additional with stunning visuals, dynamic animations, and lots of business-oriented content material parts, Stratum can change into your go-to Elementor addons answer.

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On-Call for Property for Industry Web pages

Stratum gives many distinctive widgets for Elementor enterprise websites – all varieties of customizable pricing tables and sliders, development bars and testimonials you’ll design the best way you wish to have.

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Robust UI Controls to Assist You Track Every Widget

In search of reasonably priced complicated capability for Elementor? Stratum is all about higher design and lots and customization gear for actually each and every widget. Colours, typography, design patterns and extra at your hand.

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Elementor Widgets for Growing Robust Visible Ideas

We adore conceptual, non-trivial visuals – and Stratum will provide you with an opportunity to make use of such ones on any form of site!

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Cord up Instagram, Google Maps & Lottie Animations

Stratum gets rid of the want to set up additional addons when you wish to have to attach such well-liked products and services as Google Maps and a few others.

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Take a look at all Elementor crucial addons via Stratum Professional:

  1. Complicated Accordion Elementor Widget: Horizontal accordion and toggle tabs that combine along with your Template Library.
  2. Complicated Google Map Elementor Widget: Interactive Google Maps widget that helps other map types and customized markers.
  3. Complicated Posts Elementor Widget: Mechanically sourced WordPress posts in several types: lists, grid, carousel of masonry.
  4. Complicated Slider Elementor Widget: Robust WordPress sliders that enhance horizontal and vertical scrolling and lots of alternative settings.
  5. Complicated Tabs Elementor Widget: House-consuming horizontal and vertical tabs.
  6. Banner Elementor Widget: Animated promo banners with superior styling results.
  7. Circle Development Bar Elementor Widget: Development visualized in percentages and accompanied via textual content description.
  8. Counter Elementor Widget: Animated counter widget.
  9. Turn Field Elementor Widget: Superior turn bins with tunable back and front portions and enhance for 6 animation results.
  10. Symbol Accordion Elementor Widget: Compact-style symbol galleries with hover and click on results.
  11. Symbol Hotspot Elementor Widget: Photographs with interactive and informative tooltips.
  12. Instagram Elementor Widget: An actual-life Instagram feed gallery for integrating along with your WordPress website.
  13. Masonry Gallery Elementor Widget: A Masonry grid-styled animated symbol gallery.
  14. Value Record Elementor Widget: Cafe menus and catalogs with pricing.
  15. Value Menu Elementor Widget: Meals lists and any categorised listings.
  16. Value Desk Elementor Widget: Detailed pricing plans.
  17. Testimonial Carousel Elementor Widget: Admin-added testimonials in a lovely layout.
  18. Vertical Timeline Elementor Widget: Chronological occasions in a media-rich vertical timeline graph.
  19. Horizontal Timeline Elementor Widget: Chronological occasions in a horizontal timeline.
  20. Lottie Animations Elementor Widget: Clean integration with the Lottie Animations library.
  21. Countdown Elementor Widget: A circle or box-styled animated countdown timer.
  22. Desk Elementor Widget: WordPress tables with totally customizable rows and columns.
  23. Content material Switcher Elementor Widget: Content material navigated throughout the tabs or toggles.

You don’t simply get an enormous number of top class widgets for Elementor, each and every one is full of a super choice of customization settings that can assist you genre each and every a part of the content material parts: typography, colours, structure, types and extra.

Many Stratum widgets simply combine with Elementor Template Library permitting you to insert your customized ready-made templates into the wanted widgets in clicks, for instance, embed complete pages or blocks into the Tabs widget for structuring tabbed content material.

We additionally center of attention at the easy Stratum integration along with your WordPress theme for the simpler default styling inheriting, this is, those Elementor extras are made to appear naturally to your WordPress theme out of the field!


= 1.3.13, Mar 23 2022 =
* Fastened a subject matter with lacking descriptions within the Vertical Timeline widget.
* Fastened a subject matter with more than one markers within the Complicated Google Maps widget.
* Fastened a subject matter when the Swiper slider would possibly not were initialized with the "Advanced Asset Loading" Elementor choice enabled.
* Fastened a subject matter with the foreign money alignment within the Value Desk widget.
* Minor bugfixes and enhancements.

= 1.3.12, Nov 30 2021 =
* Fastened a subject matter with Complicated Slider on cell units.

= 1.3.11, Oct 27 2021 =
* Safety - sanitization and escaping.

= 1.3.10, Aug 17 2021 =
* Fastened a subject matter with hyperlinks in Horizontal Timeline and Accordion widgets.

= 1.3.9, Jul 21 2021 =
* Minor bugfixes and enhancements.

= 1.3.8, Might 5 2021 =
* Minor bugfixes and enhancements.

= 1.3.7, Apr 1 2021 =
* Added Desk widget.
* Added Content material Switcher widget.
* Added the facility to robotically refresh Instagram get admission to token.
* Minor bugfixes and enhancements.

= 1.3.6, Feb 17 2021 =
* Minor bugfixes and enhancements.

= 1.3.5, Dec 23 2020 =
* Advanced compatibility with WordPress 5.6 and Elementor Professional.
* Minor bugfixes and enhancements.

= 1.3.4, Sep 8 2020 =
* Minor bugfixes and enhancements.

= 1.3.3, Aug 28 2020 =
* Added Vertical Timeline widget.
* Added Horizontal Timeline widget.
* Added Lottie Animations widget.
* Added Countdown widget.

= 1.3.2, Aug 12 2020 =
* Advanced compatibility with WordPress 5.5.

= 1.3.1, Jul 31 2020 =
* Fastened a subject matter with Instagram widget.

= 1.3.0, Jun 10 2020 =
* Added Complicated Accordion widget.
* Added Complicated Tabs widget.
* Added Symbol Accordion widget.
* Advanced the plugin colour palette.
* Added the Templates Library regulate.
* Fastened a subject matter with "Instagram getToken" within the Instagram widget.
* Fastened a subject matter with controls within the Complicated Google Maps widget.
* Minor bugfixes and enhancements.

= 1.2.0, Apr 29 2020 =
* Added Complicated Google Map widget.
* Added Complicated Posts widget.
* Added Complicated Slider widget.
* Added Testimonial Carousel widget.
* Added Turn Field widget.
* Minor bugfixes and enhancements.

= 1.1.0, Mar 30 2020 =
* Added Symbol Hotspot widget.
* Added Masonry Gallery widget.
* Added Round Development Bar widget.
* Minor bugfixes and enhancements.

= 1.0.0, Mar 6 2020 =
* Preliminary dedicate.
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