SumUp Payment Gateway For WooCommerce

SumUp Payment Gateway For WooCommerce


SumUp is a popular payment gateway that allows businesses to accept card payments easily and securely. With the SumUp Payment Gateway for WooCommerce, businesses using the WooCommerce platform can seamlessly integrate SumUp into their online store, providing customers with a convenient payment option.


The SumUp Payment Gateway for WooCommerce offers a range of features to streamline the payment process for both businesses and customers. Some key features include:

  • Secure and reliable payment processing
  • Ability to accept all major credit and debit cards
  • Option for customers to save their card details for future purchases
  • Real-time transaction notifications
  • Easy setup and integration with WooCommerce


Businesses using the SumUp Payment Gateway for WooCommerce can experience a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased convenience for customers, leading to higher conversion rates
  • Reduced checkout friction, improving the overall shopping experience
  • Secure payment processing, giving customers peace of mind when making purchases
  • Access to real-time transaction data, enabling better business decisions

How to Get Started

To get started with the SumUp Payment Gateway for WooCommerce, businesses simply need to:

  1. Sign up for a SumUp account and connect it to their WooCommerce store
  2. Install and activate the SumUp Payment Gateway plugin within WooCommerce
  3. Configure the plugin settings to customize the payment experience for customers
  4. Start accepting card payments seamlessly through their online store


The SumUp Payment Gateway for WooCommerce is a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their online payment capabilities. With its range of features and benefits, it provides a seamless and secure payment experience for both businesses and customers. By integrating SumUp into their WooCommerce store, businesses can improve the overall shopping experience and drive increased sales.
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WooCommerce SumUp Payment Gateway is a WordPress plugin that allows you to pay for your products via sumup account.

If you’re looking to open an online store with WooCommerce and are still confused on selecting a payment gateway to sell your products and services, for the moment, you are fortunate enough to reach a very right place that can guide you for an appropriate solution. ‘SumUp Payment Gateway For Woocommerce’ is an ideal WordPress plugin for your hassle-free and secure transactions through a SumUp account.

SumUp processes over 500 transactions on a single charge and accepts magstripe, chip, and contactless payments. Pay only 2.65% per transaction, no other hidden fees, no monthly contract, and you have to only pay for what you use. Drum Rolls

The SumUp direct method has been removed (permanently) from the plugin.SumUp 3D secure widget is now the primary method due to the security and reliability it offers.

Plugin Features:

  • Introduce 3D Secure widget to avoid any problems.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce One Page Checkout
  • One-click OAuth functionality to connect Woocommerce store with SumUp.
  • Get paid through SumUp on manually created Woocommerce orders.
  • Enable/Disable Zip Code Feature From Backend
  • Added – Multi-language support WPML added
  • Enable/Disable Zip Code Feature From Backend
  • Same page checkout without redirecting on another page.


Prerequisite Settings For The Plugin:

  • Woocommerce plugin.
  • SumUp Account.
  • Only Support those countries which supported by SUMUP Application.
  • Note: If you are willing to use SumUp in Brazil please contact SumUp Support team at

Setup Guide:

  • Connect your website by clicking the “Authorize with SumUp” button.
  • Fill “Pay to email” with the email address used to Authorize SumUp
  • Make sure “Enable/Disable” checkbox is checked
  • Make sure your Woocommerce store’s currency matches with your SumUp account currency.



Developer Account:

If you have a SumUp developer account, please authorize through your test account and use the test card below to test the payment. On successful payment, check your Woocommerce order page for transaction ID and other information.

Without Developer Account:

If you do not have a developer account you can authorize with a live account and make a test payment using the test card. If the API returns the response of INVALID CARD then your account is configured correctly since the error indicates that API can differentiate between real and test cards.

Test Card:
Card Number 4111 1111 1111 1111
Card CVV 111


We are not responsible if SumUp blocks your account due to violation of their policy. Please go through SumUp’s restricted businesses guideline before you start. Click Here




Version 2.7
Date: 27 Sep 2023
* Code Optimization
Version 2.6
Date: 10 Mar 2021
* Fixed - Constant issue.
* Fixed - Conflict with booster plugin.
* Fixed - New Order email not recieve.
* Fixed - Conflict issue with JS.
* Update - Notices updated
Version 2.5
Date: 09 Dec 2020
* Fixed - woocommerce order status updated.
* Fixed - Checkout Conflict issue.
* Fixed - Support fixes..
Version 2.4
Date: 08 Oct 2020
* Fixed - Error report conflict with woocommerce and sumup.
* Added - Local support with LocoTraslate.
* Fixed - Support fixes.
Version 2.3
Date: 09 May 2020
* Added - Debug Log Added
* Added - Zip Code Feature
Version 2.2
Date: 18 April 2020
* Fixed - Javascript Optimized for better performance
Version 2.1
Date: 14 April 2020
* Removed - Direct payment method removed.
* Added - OAuth added in 3D secure widget
* Fixed - Performance Optimized
Version 2.0
Date: 12 Marach 2020
* Added -  Multi-language support WPML added
* Fixed - Zipcode issue fixed for european countries
* Update - Restricted scopes validation added
Version 1.6 
Date: 29 Feb 2020
* Fixed - "Payment can not be processed for some technical reason" issues.
* Added - Add Card Widget with 3Ds functionality.
* Added - Transaction ID now saving in order notes to track transaction.
Version 1.5 
Date: 16 Oct 2019 
* Fixed -   "Unable to create checkout" error fixed.
Version: 1.4 
Date:  17 July 2019
* Added -   Compatibility with WooCommerce One Page Checkout Plugin.
* Fixed -   An issue where order status wasn't changing after successfull payment using SumUp Direct Method.
Version: 1.3
Date: 18 June 19
Added   -  Same page checkout without redirecting on another page
Added   -  OAuth Functionality to connect Sumup application with the plugin
Version: 1.2
Date:  10 May 19
Fixed   -  Create Checkout Id Request Failed issue.
Fixed   -  An issue where card fields won't appear on frontend sometimes.
Removed -  An Extra function which was causing errors in email sending and inside emails too.
Fixed   -  An issue where SumUp payment image icon was appearing large in size at checkout.
Version: 1.0
Date:  14 January 19
intial release.

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