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Supplier Informant FAQ

Supplier Informant FAQ

What is Supplier Informant?

Supplier Informant is a platform that connects businesses with potential suppliers. It provides information about various suppliers, their products, and contact details to help businesses make informed decisions when choosing suppliers.

How can I use Supplier Informant?

You can use Supplier Informant by searching for specific suppliers or products using the search bar on the platform. You can also browse through various categories to discover new suppliers and products that may be of interest to your business.

Is Supplier Informant free to use?

Yes, Supplier Informant is free to use for businesses looking for suppliers. However, suppliers may have to pay a subscription fee to list their products and services on the platform.

How can I contact a supplier through Supplier Informant?

Once you find a supplier of interest, you can click on their profile to view their contact details. You can then reach out to them directly via phone, email, or through their website if provided.

Can I leave reviews for suppliers on Supplier Informant?

At this time, Supplier Informant does not have a review system in place. However, you can provide feedback to the platform about your experience with a supplier, and they may use this information to improve their services.

Supplier Informant sends Email and, or SMS alert to your suppliers to facilitate drop shipping. The content of the email is determined by the shop admin through the configurable options at the backend.


  • Supplier gets instant notification about the order and ships the order at the right time.
  • Shop Admin can enable or disable email /SMS alert per supplier.
  • Shop Admin can add additional message to supplier
  • Shop Admin can setup and customize sender name for all SMS sent to suppliers
  • Shop Admin can view and delete supplier email and SMS Log.

Note: SMS unlike email requires SMS Provider. And Like every other Prestashop SMS module you need to have account with SMS Provider to use the SMS feature of “Supplier Informant”.

The providers are provided in the module configuration options. You only need to choose one.

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