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Trademen – The Ultimate Exchange Script for Seamless Trading Experience

Are you looking to build your own cryptocurrency exchange platform? Want to make it a smooth and hassle-free experience for your users? Look no further than Trademen – the ultimate exchange script that offers an array of features to make your exchange stand out in the crowded market.


Cryptocurrency trading has been on the rise since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009. It has emerged as a lucrative market for investors and traders alike. However, with the increasing demand for cryptocurrency trading, the need for a reliable exchange platform has become more pressing. This is where Trademen comes in – to provide you with an all-in-one solution for building a robust exchange platform.

Live Trading

Trademen offers a seamless trading experience with its live trading feature. This feature allows traders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in real-time, without any delay. The platform supports multiple cryptocurrencies, so traders can easily switch between different coins as per their preferences.


To help traders make informed decisions, Trademen has integrated TradingView charts into its platform. With TradingView, traders can access detailed charts and analysis tools to track the price movements of various cryptocurrencies. This feature provides traders with an edge in making profitable trades.

Banking and KYC

Trademen understands the importance of secure transactions and complies with strict banking regulations. It has partnered with leading banks to provide seamless banking services to its users. Additionally, Trademen has a KYC (Know Your Customer) feature that ensures secure and compliant transactions on the platform.

Market Exchange

Trademen offers a market exchange feature that allows users to trade with other traders on the platform. The market exchange feature provides a more diverse and liquid trading environment, enabling users to easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies at fair market prices.

White Label Solution

If you want to build your own exchange platform but don’t have the resources or expertise to do so, Trademen offers a white-label solution that allows you to use their exchange script and rebrand it as your own. This feature saves you time and money while giving you a fully functional exchange platform.


Trademen prioritizes the security of its users and their assets. It uses the latest security protocols to ensure that all transactions are safe and secure. Additionally, it has integrated two-factor authentication to further enhance the security of user accounts.

Easy Customization

Trademen understands that every business has unique requirements. To accommodate this, the exchange script is fully customizable to meet your specific needs. You can easily modify the design, features, and functionality of the platform to make it your own.


Trademen is built with scalability in mind. The platform is capable of handling large volumes of transactions without compromising on performance or speed. This feature allows you to expand your business without worrying about the platform’s capacity to handle it.


Trademen is the ultimate exchange script that offers a comprehensive set of features to help you build a robust and reliable exchange platform. Its live trading, TradingView, banking and KYC, market exchange, white-label solution, security, easy customization, scalability, and 24/7 support make it the perfect solution for anyone looking to build their own cryptocurrency exchange platform.


    BTC node Integrated
    Coinpayments Coin Api Integrated
    Instant Payment notice (IPN) Ready
    Direct Referral Systme
    Unlimited Coin Creation
    Unlimited Trading Pair Creation
    Application Settings
    Withdrawal and Deposit Management
    Limit Order, Market Order, Stop-Limit Order
    Live Trading View Chart
    User Activities
    Google 2FA Authentication
    Google Recaptcha
    Account Veification By Email
    KYC Verification
    Dynamic Role Management
    Dynamic Menu Manager
    Admin Notice
    User Notification
    Mobile Ready
    Ultra Fast Trading Algorithm
    Easy to go User Experience

What is Trademen?

Trademen is an exchange script that allows you to build your own cryptocurrency exchange platform with ease.

How does Trademen prioritize security?

Trademen uses the latest security protocols and integrates two-factor authentication to ensure safe and secure transactions.

Can I customize the exchange platform to my specific needs?

Yes, Trademen is fully customizable to meet your unique requirements.

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