Tradexpro Exchange – Crypto Buy Sell and Trading platform, ERC20 and BEP20 Tokens Supported

Tradexpro Exchange: A Crypto Buy, Sell and Trading Platform with ERC20 and BEP20 Tokens Support

Tradexpro Exchange comes in offering a secure, efficient, and easy-to-use crypto exchange platform that supports both ERC20 and BEP20 tokens.

What is Tradexpro Exchange?

Tradexpro Exchange is a digital asset exchange platform that enables users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. It was designed with the goal of creating a user-friendly and secure platform that provides a smooth trading experience. The platform supports ERC20 and BEP20 tokens, making it easy for users to trade a wide variety of digital assets.

Features of Tradexpro Exchange

Tradexpro Exchange offers a range of features that make it an attractive option for users looking to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies. Some of the key features of the platform include:

Secure Transactions

Tradexpro Exchange is built with a robust security infrastructure to ensure the safety of user transactions. The platform uses advanced encryption technologies to protect user data and employs multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access.

User-friendly Interface

The platform features a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and use. This makes it accessible to beginners and experienced traders alike.

Fast Transactions

Tradexpro Exchange is designed to offer fast transactions, enabling users to complete trades quickly and efficiently.


Tradexpro Exchange is built with a robust security infrastructure to ensure the safety of user transactions.


Tradexpro Exchange – a complete Crypto Buy Sell and Trading platform, Crypto Exchange, Spot Trading.

We just added ERC20, Binance/BEP20, and TRC20 Network as per our valuable customer’s requests, admin can add their own erc20, bep20, and trc20 tokens and can pair them with BTC, ETH, and other native coins.

We are Exclusive Envato Author, we never sell outside Envato Market, be aware of nulled version, and please avoid scammer nulled script.

-User Demo url:  -User access: email:, pass: 123456 -Admin demo url:    Admin access: email:, pass: 123456


Need Support?

Feel free to contact us any time. We have a dedicated team to provide you with the best support.
Create A Ticket here if you need any support for the item purchased.

Have a question? Need clarification? Feel free to Contact Us if you have a pre-sale question.





Tradexpro Exchange is a complete Crypto exchange platform that is developed with Laravel, MySql, and Nextjs. It is the best choice to buy, sell or exchange any crypto coins that work via BitGo, CoinPayment, and own hosted node. It will connect with a coin payment merchant account, or also connect with a personally hosted node. Our system is 100% secure and dynamic. It supports all cryptocurrency wallets including Coin Payment, Buys, Selling, Stop Limit, Deposit, Withdrawal, Referral system, and whatever you need. The most attractive feature of this platform is trading. In the trading system, you can place buy and sell orders according to your preferences of coin prices. Besides that, you can check your balance from the wallet section. You can also check your buy-sell transaction status, deposit, and withdrawal histories. Additionally, it supports multi-language.

Tradexpro Exchange Features

Admin Panel

  • Fully responsive and dynamic
  • Easy to signup & login
  • Email verification
  • Forgot password
  • Profile management
  • Password setup
  • Security management
  • Complete user management
  • Support coin payment or Personal node
  • Multiple coin using coin payment or personal node
  • Coin management
  • Buy / Sell order management
  • Trading management
  • Broadcast Email
  • Trade report
  • Buy sell report
  • Deposit management
  • Withdrawal management
  • KYC verification
  • Manage referral system
  • Admin settings
  • Trade fees setting
  • BitGo setting
  • CoinPayment setting
  • Personal Node setting
  • Re-capcha setting
  • Sms setting using twillo
  • Fees setting
  • FAQ Management
  • Landing Setting

User Panel :

  • Fully Responsive and Dynamic
  • Easy to Signup & login
  • Profile Management
  • Notification
  • Support multi language
  • Multi coin system
  • Trading/ Exchange
  • Supper easy and secure trading process
  • Nice Wallet management
  • Generate wallet address using coin payment or personal node
  • Coin deposit system
  • Coin withdrawal system
  • Transaction Chart
  • Deposit Chart
  • Withdrawal Chart
  • Google Auth Setup
  • Phone Verification
  • KYC System
  • Password Setup
  • Security Management
  • An user can send coin to both internal and external address
  • Use Google authentication
  • Use Two factor authentication for login
  • Three level Referral System
  • Swap Coin Feature

Pre Requisites For Server:

- VPS Linux ubuntu Server without any panel or Cpanel. - Minimum RAM 8GB. - Minimum Space 80GB. - Minimum 4 CPU( it requires for market making bot good performance). - It requires terminal access to configure the server. - It can not be installed on shared hosting. - Please check our demo and Pre Requisites before making your purchase.




Version 2.4 – 15th March’2023

- Added PayStack payment gateway. - Added security captcha on the login page. - Optimized Code. - Improved design. - Fixed some issues.

Change Log: Version 2.3 – 7th March’2023

- Improved design for both user and admin panel. - Improved functionality. - Optimized Code. - Improved Login and sign-up page with a new design. - Updated Documentation. - Added more dynamic settings in the admin panel.

Change Log: Version 2.2 – 15th February’2023

- Added settings Automatic withdrawal. - Admin can add language key and manage language files from admin settings. - Fixed socket issue. - Fixed BTC node deposit issue.

Change Log: Version 2.1 – 27th January’2023

- Added settings for blog-news addon. - Added TRC20 token. - Added RTL version. - Added TRC20 token deposit/withdrawals/trading feature.

Change Log: Version 2.0 – 26th December’2022

- Added dark/light theme switcher. - Added dynamic menu feature. - Added dynamic footer feature. - Added admin role management. - Fixed some issues.

Change Log: Version 1.9 – 8th December’2022

-Improved Market Making Bot performance. - Fixed some issues.

Change Log: Version 1.8 – 25th November’2022

-Improved Market Making Bot performance. -Improved Trading View chart. -Improved Socket data performance for real-time data. -Added Fiat Currency Withdrawal Feature via swift code. -Added User Bank details for fiat withdrawals. - Fixed some issues. -Added Fiat withdrawals report in the user and admin portal.

Change Log: Version 1.7 – 09th November’2022

-Added Market Making trading Bot. -Added a new version of the updated chart. -Improved deposit and withdrawals UI/UX. -Added theme color customization option in admin. -Fixed some issues. -Updated reports for both admin and user. -Added SEO manager. -Added Trading dashboard Layout option. -Added FAQ on/off option in admin. -Added Kyc Management option and control. -Added Google 2fa settings and control option. -Improved user profile UI. -Improved notification UI.

Change Log: Version 1.6 – 11th October’2022

-Added deposit functionality via Bank/Card/Paypal. -Added Buy coin functionality with Bank Deposit/Card/paypal/wallet. -Added Bank Mangement settings in admin. -Added Fiat deposits reports in admin and user portal. -Fixed some issue. -Encryption of wallet key. -Chart historical data update option in admin for better chart representation. -Added USDT Trc20/erc20/bep20 network option while deposit and withdrawals.

Change Log: Version 1.5 – 27th September’2022

-Added more language support. -Added admin settings for login page background image. -Admin on/off settings added for swap coin. -Public Api added for order tracker and chart data. -Fixed meta title issue. -Fixed some front end design issues.

Change Log: Version 1.4 – 22th September’2022

-Added Coin deletion option. -Added LiveChat Settings. -Added Cookies Settings. -Fixed Bulk Email Issue.

Change Log: Version 1.3 – 19th September’2022

-Added multi currency. -Fixed Swap coin rate issue.

Change Log: Version 1.3 – 14th September’2022

-Added dynamic fiat currency functionality for swap coin. -Added crypto currency rate option in admin portal. -Updated documentation. -Updated token transaction process

Change Log: Version 1.2 – 13th September’2022

- ERC20 token added for wallet and trading. - Binance/beep20 token added for wallet and trading. - Added Admin settings for token addition. - admin can make pair.

Change Log: Version 1.1 – 07th September’2022

- Added Bitgo merchant API as liquidity provider - Added coin API settings for own hosted BTC based node - Added coin Network settings

Change Log: Version 1.0 – 05th September’2022

- Initial Release

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