Wap Sender Pro v12.3

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WA Sender Pro ✅ Send Unlimited Messages.
The Only Software Which Allow you to Random Between Senders Automatically


Ultimate Software Features:

1. Sending Options:

  • Send bulk messages to Contacts
  • Bulk messages To Groups.
  • Send Hundreds of Messages with 1 Sender Only.
  • Stop, Pause, And Resume Options.
  • Send by Bulk Forwarding.

2. Sender / Channels Options:

  • Add unlimited Sender Numbers.
  • Auto store Session for all sender numbers.
  • Auto Random Between senders while Sending to Reduce BAN.
  • warm-up channels option ( Cloud Chat ) : Your sender number Will Wutomatically talk to any online software user too, to make sender number more friendly.
  • Whatsapp BETA Support ( add sender one time and software will keep the session for you ).

3. Messaging Options:

  • Send all types of message (Text / Image / Video / Audio / Location / Links)
  • Auto restore Last messages and images in latest campaign.
  • Emoji Support.
  • Send Familiar message with Each client Name ( ex: Hello Magi ).

4. Blocking Defenders :

  • Control Sending Speed and Delay time between Messages.
  • Friendly channel option to keep channel sending for a long time.
  • Chat to cloud option to decrease blocking channel/s.
  • Spyntax Support ( Auto send different random content ).

5. Numbers Extraction:

  • Auto Extract Whatsapp Groups Members.
  • Save extracted Numbers to Text or to the software Main sending Menu.
  • Generate a list of numbers for any country

6. Numbers Generator:

  • Generate a list of numbers for any country.
  • auto fix country code for bulk contact list,

7. Filter & Validator:

  • Filter Whatsapp Numbers.
  • Use phone or emulator.

8. Groups Options:

  • Search Whatsapp groups with Keyword.
  • Auto Joining Whatsapp groups.
  • Extract Contacts from Whatsapp Groups.
  • Extract groups details and links.

9. Groups Sending Options:

  • Send Bulk messages to Joined Groups
  • Send by Adding members to a group then send message to the group
  • Auto remove users from Your Group after sending

10. Contacts Saver:

  • Save all non recorded contacts from incoming messages of your clients, no need to record each client number to your mobile, it is auto done now.
  • Convert any CSV file to VCF and import to mobile with just one click.
  • Auto remove users from Your Group after sending

11. Inboxing and Auto reply:

  • Inbox Feature ( Read the Client’s reply ).
  • Auto Reply Incoming Messages.

12. Controling Options:

  • Global Reach: Reach your customers at any country | worldwide.
  • Inbox Feature: Receive any client responded to your campaign.
  • Sender Name and Avatar ‘Logo’: Control Sender name and Logo simply.

13. Reports Options:

  • Live Report in software.
  • Autosave Reports. Excel files.
  • Export Reports to CSV ’ excel’ or Text.


Help and Useful Links:

  • Watch Video Presentation
  • User Guide
  • Presale Questions – Ask us any Questions

NOTE Before Purchasing:

  • Software Comes with a full premium annual License.
  • No source code; Ready software for installation and sending.
    for special inquire please contacts us.
  • This software is the only in all world markets which support Random between multi senders while sending campaign Automatically

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