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WashCare adds to your WooCommerce site new fields in order to give more information about Care Clothes.

You will have new fields as Composition and Symbols Icons from Wash Care: Wash, Bleaching, Dry, Ironing and Dry Clean. The Symbols are the international standard, so you can use in any country.

This plugin will give to the WooCommerce Clothes Shops more information about the clothes and give more confidence to your users.

The plugin setup is very easy. Once you have uploaded the plugin, you configure the plugin in WooCommerce > Settings > Products > WashCare. Then, you will see the options for displaying the symbols in your Woocommerce Store.

And then, you have to go to every product in order to set up the information for every cloth.

We have a lot of features coming soon as: Page description for all codes, more options to display the icons, and more.

The plugin is translated to Spanish.



  • New options to show the icons in a customized tab.


  • Fixed bug in automatic update.
  • Alt texts in frontend for better SEO.


  • Automatic updates.


  • New release.

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