Whatsapp Notifications Module

WhatsApp Notifications Module

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Scale and grow your business with WhatsApp

WhatsApp Notifications Module for WHMCS is very useful, when you want to send notifications to your clients after placing an order. admin and client both can get Whatsapp notification after an order is placed. Whatsapp notifications options can be customized in the admin panel very easily.

Whatsapp Notification for:

  • Client Login Notification
  • Client Registration Notification
  • Client Password Change Alert
  • Configure alert message templates
  • Invoice Created Alert
  • Invoice Paid Notification
  • Invoice Reminder
  • Invoice First Overdue Notice
  • Invoice Second Overdue Notice
  • Invoice Third Overdue Notice
  • Service Create Notification
  • Service Suspend Notification
  • Service Unsuspend Notification
  • Service Terminated Notification
  • Service Password Change Notification
  • Cancellation Request Notification
  • Domain Registration Notification
  • Domain Transfer Notification
  • Domain Renewal Notification
  • Domain First, Second, Third Overdue Notification
  • Support Ticket Response WhatsApp
  • Search clients & view all sent message
  • Can send message using the registered WHMCS user phone number
  • Send single and group messages based on variables
  • Send bulk messages
  • Resend unsent messages

Installation Process

  1. Download and unzip file in WHMCS directory /modules/addons
  2. Install our addon (Setup > Addon Modules).
  3. Go to Addons > Set your Access Token & Instance ID for this point you need to sign up to get API Configuration
  4. Change client and admin WhatsApp templates and enjoy.

Support Service

Let us know any of your issues here

WhatsApp support: 00201067470822

Email Support: support@waclient.com

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