WhatsHelp – WhatsApp Help and Support Plugin for React

WhatsHelp – WhatsApp Help and Support Plugin for React

WhatsHelp – WhatsApp Help and Support Plugin for React


WhatsHelp is a WhatsApp help and support plugin designed for React applications. It allows users to easily connect with businesses and customer support teams directly through WhatsApp, offering a convenient and efficient communication channel.


The WhatsHelp plugin for React comes with a range of powerful features, including:

  • Integration with WhatsApp
  • Customizable button design and positioning
  • Automated greeting messages
  • Support for multiple phone numbers and agents
  • Analytics and reporting


Using WhatsHelp in your React application offers numerous benefits for both businesses and users. These include:

  • Seamless communication: Users can easily reach out to businesses and customer support teams without leaving the app or website.
  • Convenience: WhatsApp is a widely used messaging platform, making it convenient for users to connect with businesses using a familiar and user-friendly interface.
  • Efficiency: Businesses can efficiently manage customer inquiries and support requests through the WhatsApp platform, streamlining communication and improving response times.
  • Analytics: WhatsHelp provides valuable insights into user interactions, allowing businesses to track messaging activity and optimize their support processes.

How to Get Started

Integrating WhatsHelp into your React application is simple and straightforward. The plugin provides clear documentation and support resources to help developers implement the solution quickly and effectively.


WhatsHelp is a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their customer support capabilities and provide a seamless communication experience for their users. With its robust features and easy integration with React applications, WhatsHelp is a powerful solution for businesses and organizations seeking to leverage WhatsApp as a support channel.

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WhatsHelp – enables website visitors to send you WhatsApp messages directly in 3 simple clicks to land on your direct consultation. As soon as they come to your website, and check your products or services in order to get those things they can email you directly through the bubble button or the buttons we provided in the plugin. Eventually, this plugin turns visitors into potential customers.

Main features

  • Input form layout We provide a form layout as the first layout so which provides the name and message field. So the user, when filling in those fields and sending you a message in it, will fill automatically in the WhatsApp input field.
  • Single user/agent support – This option will allow you to add a bubble with a single-user option.
  • Multiple agents support – This option will allow you to add unlimited agents. You will able to add options for multiple users. So visitors can choose the agent to which they want to send emails.
  • Different email to action buttons – We provide a set of buttons to use anywhere on your website and all functionalities also can be set with each button.
  • Availablity time – You will have available time for a single agent, multi-agents, and for the buttons.
  • Set timezone – You will able to set your timezone so your time will work based on your time otherwise it will work from the user’s computer’s time.
  • Let your audience know you’re offline – Based on your available time it will show you offline when you are not available
  • Floating bubble animations – We have lots of animations to show the button UI awesomely.
  • Device specific view – The plugin has an easy option for showing the plugin only for desktops, only for mobile, and only for tablets.
  • Free support & one-time purchase – You can ask any question before or after buying the plugin and you will get a lifetime update of this plugin with a one-time purchase.
  • Easy to customize – The plugin is include a proper documentation. The main file only has some js, CSS, and HTML code. So you will able to customize it easily. If it looks complex, never hesitate to ask us to install it free of cost.
  • Well documentation – We tried to make the documentation as clear as possible. We hope you will able to manage it without any coding experience.

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