WooCommerce Category Selection Widget

WooCommerce Category Selection Widget
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Under development.

WooCommerce by default does have a category widget which you can add to your sidebars. However, the default widget has only limited customisations and (honestly) “pretty simple”. If you want to customise the WooCommerce Category widgets like selecting what categories you only want to show, customising the color and designs, adding some icons, etc., then I bet you will banging your head to the wall on how to do that. Using our plugin – WooCommerce Category Selection Widget Plugin, we will free you from those miseries.

With our WooCommerce Category Widget Selection Plugin, you will be able to:

  • Customise your own WooCommerce categories what to display. Take note, not only categories but also the designs  :)
  • You will be free from using the basic WooCommerce Category Widgets
  • Increase your sales by choosing your own most popular categories.
  • Promote your categories which you think needs further marketing.

WooCommerce Category Selection Widget will help you achieve that. Those are just some awesome features but wait, there’s more!


WooCommerce Category Selection Widget - 1


  • Ability to create unlimited WooCommerce Categories Widgets
  • Drag and drop Functionality
  • You can choose what to be your thumbnails – either Icons or your own WooCommerce Category Images (you can also customise the width and height of those images)
  • Enable or Disable Ripple Effect Animations. Unfamiliar with Ripple? Check this out, http://jakiestfu.github.io/Ripple.js/demo/
  • Choose your own collapse Icons
  • Show or hide all WooCommerce Categories at once! I will tell you a secret. Our competitors doesn’t have that  :P
  • Show or hide empty WooCommerce Categories
  • Show or hide WooCommerce Category counts
  • At least 4 background styles (Don’t worry, we will explain to you what is this all about)
  • 19 Predefined background colors!
  • You can customised your own background type and styles
  • Realtime Preview! You don’t need to save and test to check what you are doing. Whatever you configured, it will be shown right away. Phew, that was a total save of time.
  • Collapse Animation Speed
  • W3C Compliance. Our codes are not just simply codes. We always follow the rules.
  • Speed? Our plugin is speed optimised and will not slow your website.
  • At least 6 levels in depth!
  • We also provide at least 6 levels of line separation  :)
  • You can set if you want to highlight or not WooCommerce Categories.
  • And last but not the least, you can customise the layout and style through Custom CSS (that is only for advanced developers).

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