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WooCommerce Conditional Checkout Fields Manager Plugin

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Recreate your store’s checkout page with interactive options to streamline the checkout experience with the WooCommerce Conditional Checkout Fields Manager Plugin you can collect the data you require and display important instructions for customers.

You can control how custom checkout fields display by assigning them to a specific product, category, or user role. Set additional fees for user-requested customizations. Create a field for any specific section of the checkout page.

The plugin allows you to display these fields on the order page, my account page, and the invoice email. You can specify whether fields are mandatory or optional and edit the default options on the checkout page.


  • Create checkout fields with conditions.
  • Add custom checkout fields to specific products and categories.
  • Assign additional checkout fields to specific user roles.
  • Set a price for each field and experiment with customization.
  • Add fields to any section of the checkout page.
  • Use any of the 15 field types.
  • Create dependencies among fields.
  • Edit default checkout fields.
  • Additional fields will be displayed in the invoice email, the order page, and my account page.

Create new fields on the checkout page

Customize your checkout page by adding new fields to collect valuable information from your customers.

Add custom checkout fields to a particular product

You can add and personalize checkout fields for each product. This field will be displayed only when the selected product is in the cart.

Assign checkout fields to specific categories

Save time when customizing checkout fields for a set of products by creating one for an entire category. The plugin allows you to assign a custom option to selected categories only.

Create user-centric checkout fields

Allow specific customers to view and take advantage of a custom checkout option by restricting it to specific user roles. Show personalizations to your target audience as you see fit.

Define a price for each custom field

You can set a price for each custom checkout field you create, to charge an additional fee when customers take advantage of an add-on.

Personalize any section on the checkout page

The plugin allows you to add custom checkout fields to any specific section of the checkout page that will appear in the billing, shipping, and personal information section, etc.

Fifteen field types available

With 15 different field types to choose from, including text area, multi-select, radio button, select box, and checkbox, users can fill in forms quickly.

Advanced customization options for each field

Besides the basic customization options, the plugin allows you to mark fields as mandatory. There are also options to hide or display fields and set prices.

Modify default checkout fields

Edit the default checkout fields as you see fit.

Carryover new fields to additional pages

The plugin allows you to display additional checkout fields on other pages, including the order and my account pages. New fields will also appear in the invoice email.


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