WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Affiliate Plugin

WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Affiliate Plugin

The Power of Multilevel Referral Affiliate Programs with WooCommerce

As an online business owner, you are always on the lookout for new ways to increase traffic and sales. One powerful method for achieving this is through the use of multilevel referral affiliate programs. By leveraging the power of word-of-mouth marketing and incentivizing your customers to refer their friends and family, you can exponentially grow your customer base and revenue.

Introducing the WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Affiliate Plugin

With the WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Affiliate Plugin, you can easily implement a multilevel referral program for your online store. This plugin integrates seamlessly with your WooCommerce platform, allowing you to track and manage referrals, commissions, and payouts with ease.

Key Features of the Plugin

  • Unlimited multilevel referral tiers
  • Customizable commission rates for each tier
  • Automatic commission payout system
  • Real-time referral tracking and reporting
  • Custom referral links and banners

How it Works

When a customer makes a purchase on your site, they are given a unique referral link. They can then share this link with their friends and family. When someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, the original customer who shared the link earns a commission. If the new customer also shares their referral link and someone makes a purchase through it, they earn a commission as well, and so on for multiple referral tiers.

Benefits of Multilevel Referral Affiliate Programs

Implementing a multilevel referral affiliate program for your WooCommerce store can bring several benefits, including:

  • Increased customer acquisition through word-of-mouth marketing
  • Higher customer retention and loyalty through incentive-based referrals
  • Exponential revenue growth as the network of referrers expands
  • Data-driven insights into customer behavior and referral trends

Get Started Today

With the WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Affiliate Plugin, you can harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing and grow your online business like never before. Get started today and take your WooCommerce store to the next level!

FAQ: WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Affiliate Plugin

What is the WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Affiliate Plugin?

The WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Affiliate Plugin is a plugin designed to help WooCommerce store owners create and manage a multilevel referral affiliate program. This allows store owners to incentivize their customers to refer new customers and earn rewards for their referrals.

How does the multilevel referral affiliate program work?

The multilevel referral affiliate program works by allowing customers to sign up as affiliates and receive a unique referral link. When they share this link with others and those people make purchases on the store, the original affiliate earns a commission. Additionally, if those new customers refer others, the original affiliate can earn commissions on those sales as well, creating a multilevel referral system.

What are the benefits of using this plugin for my WooCommerce store?

There are several benefits to using this plugin, including:
– Increased word-of-mouth marketing
– Rewarding loyal customers for referrals
– Generating new sales through affiliate marketing
– Building a community of brand ambassadors

Is it easy to set up and manage the plugin?

Yes, the plugin is designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up and manage. It comes with a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools for creating and tracking affiliate referrals.

Can I customize the commission structure and rewards for affiliates?

Yes, the plugin allows you to customize the commission structure, set different commission rates for different affiliates, and create various rewards and bonuses for reaching certain referral milestones.

Is there a support team available for help with the plugin?

Yes, there is a dedicated support team available to assist with any questions or issues related to the plugin. You can contact them via email or through the plugin’s support page.

Is the plugin compatible with other WooCommerce extensions and themes?

Yes, the plugin is designed to be compatible with other WooCommerce extensions and themes, ensuring seamless integration with your store’s existing setup.


What’s New ?

  • Fixed credit value.

    With this feature, now the admin will be able to input and distribute a fixed number of credits as well along with the fixed percentage option.

  • Welcome credits on customer registration.

    The admin now has an optional ability to distribute additional credits to a user who has newly registered as a referral – in the form of welcome credits.

  • Compulsory referral code.

    The admin now has the authority to make the referral code a compulsion for a user who is willing to register on his/her website.

The WooCommerce Multilevel Plugin is a WooCommerce Add-On Plugin.

Attract new customers, grow and market your business for free using a social referral program. Made especially for WooCommerce store owners, WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Plugin rewards your clients for sharing your website with their friends, family, and colleagues.

The Multilevel Referral Plugin gives you the freedom to make your clients, your website’s ambassadors.

One of the most recommended referral marketing programs on WooCommerce, it’s really easy to configure and use. You can track the referrers, their sales, their total credits as well – along with redeemed credits to know your clientele well.

Moreover, you can even send emails to referral users reminding them of their referral points by that, appealing them into increasing their purchase. We thereby help you boost your sales by word-of-mouth as well as enticing the already registered to make them purchase more.

A double win for all e-commerce website sellers, isn’t it?

The referral plugin is compatible with the latest WordPress as well as WooCommerce versions.

How does the Multilevel Referral Plugin work?

  • Your client will register on the website and join referral program receive a referral code.
  • He/She will then share the code with his/her relatives and friends.
  • Once his/her connection register on the website, join referral program using his/her code and purchases a product, he/she will be entitled to receive a referral reward.
  • The more number of people are referred to in his/her hierarchy, the more his/her commission would be.

The clients can then redeem the points to avail discount on the products available on the website

The simplicity and ease of the multilevel referral plugin attract the clients to use it and continue the loop forward.

Why makes WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Plugin different?

  • Compatible with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce versions, it can be easily configured from WooCommerce settings.
  • Level Based Credit system where store owners can assign different percentage for the referrers of each different level.
  • Binary MLM networks keeps a track of downline incomes & expenses.
  • At any point of time, you have the freedom to enable or disable the level-based credit system. If you choose to enable the level-based credit system, you can also set the maximum number of levels
  • The commission can be awarded using two separate methods in the Level Based Credit System –
    • Product price wherein direct product price will be used to calculate commission for each level.
    • Commission/Credit in which the Referral Plugin will first calculate the commission/credit in accordance to the globally set percentage. Then, that percentage will be used to calculate the commission/credit for each level.
    • Store owner can set different discount percentage for a customer who is coming directly and who comes through a referral link.
  • We have given you the option to choose from 3 store credit percentage –
    • Globally (applied on all products except those not included in referral program)
    • Category level (a set of class – men’s wear, women’s wear or children’s wear)
    • Product specific (on a particular product).
  • Percentage specified on a product-specific category will be given highest precedence. If the product level percentage is undefined, then the category level percentage will be applied.
    The priority followed is, product-specific > category level > global percentage.
  • If a particular product has multiple categories (for instance, a unisex shirt), the store owner is given the accessibility to choose whether the lowest or highest percentage should be applied from the plugin settings.
  • Where other plugins are only showing you a record of registrations, we give you more accessibility and details on a dashboard within the Admin panel. See a complete list of registered users, their hierarchy, points earned and sort them using various filters.
  • In the prior version, welcome credit points were only awarded to newly registered members. But on the insistence of our plug-in users, the administrator now has the flexibility to award benefits of welcome credits even to existing customers on their first purchase.
  • Give your customers the choice to join or not join the referral program by using our auto/manual join option. Manual joining sends a message to the user if he wishes to become a part of the referral program whereas auto join automatically makes the user, a member.
  • Do you feel some of your products are too remarkable? Don’t wish to add them in any category? No worries. Admin has the flexibility to exclude products from the referral program.
  • Administrator can also set monthly credit limit as well as monthly redemption limit.
  • The Plugin also allows the registered website users to join the referral program.
  • We understand users need an equal leverage to join. Therefore, registered members can see their earned and redeemed credit point on the dashboard within their account. Moreover, for user ease, they can also invite others just by entering their email address.
  • Administrator can set a validity period for credit points after which the points collected will expire. He/she can also use email templates (designed by us) to send to the users reminding them of the points in their basket as well as the period of expiry coming near.
  • Receiving a reminder email from the store owner will set your credibility and impress the clients. This will help you in positive publicity and give the user enough time to take appropriate action before the credits expire.
  • Along with credit expiry email, we also provide various other email templates to customize for your convenience.
  • We also offer fully customizable 8 vibrant referral invite banners to promote the referral program to your users.

Why should you choose WooCommerce Multilevel Plugin?

Because it’s a victory for all – You reward your client, they get you new customers, it boosts your sales, the new customer gets a discount. Everyone loves it, right?

All us to do all the referral tracking, while you concentrate on selling innovative products. Together, we will make a great sales booster team!

We are constantly working to produce a cutting-edge product. To deliver a superior user experience to your customers, we have employed apex coding standards and practices. Moreover, we ensured steep QA and a multi-layered Testing system before the final commissioning of the WooCommerce Multilevel Plugin.

Your feedback, recommendations, and inputs for further updates are valuable to us. We look forward to hearing your suggestions and together build a pioneering referral plugin for WooCommerce.

This Item is Supported

Support is conducted through our SUPPORT FORUM . We’re in GMT +5:30 (IST) and we aim to answer all questions within 24 hours in weekdays. In some cases the waiting time can be extended to 48 hours. Support requests sent during weekends or public holidays will be processed on next Monday or the next business day.


[2.20] 2020-07-10
### Update - Save referral code in a cookies for future registration.
### Update - Remove credit section in a cart/checkout page on max redeem credit to zero.
### Update - Allow credits up to 10,000 for fixed commission type.
### Update - Visual issue.
### Fix - Credit issue for fixed credit value type.
### Fix - Facebook sharing issue
### Fix - Validate wrong referral code from user dashboard
### Fix - Calculation of credit and redeem blocks.
### Fix - Allow float value in the category credit.

[2.19] 2020-03-03
### Feature - Added total volume of referees limitation.
### Feature - Managed the referral code required functionality for the auto-join referral program.
### Feature - Added the ability for choosing credits distribution between percentage & fixed value.
### Feature - Allowed welcome credits on customer registration.
### Feature - Added support for referral credit on user registration.
### New hook “wmc_referral_tab_block” - The user can add new block after referral statistics block on the front end.
### New hook “wmc_registation_referral_fields” - To hide referral program fields from a registered form
### New hook “wmc_withdraw_credited” - That adds support for The Referral Withdrawal and The Referral Credit Manager Add-on plugins.
### New hook “wmc_withdraw_earned” - That adds support for The Referral Withdrawal and The Referral Credit Manager Add-on plugins.
### New hook “wmc_additional_commission_settings” - The user can add additional setting for their requirements.
### Update - Removed commented code and regenerated language file for localisation.
### Update - Allowed NEGATIVE Total Credits.
### Fix - Addressed a Referral link issue on a user dashboard
### Fix - LinkedIn sharing issue.
### Fix - Difference of “Total Available Credits” in cart/checkout and referral page.
### Fix - Removed duplicate queries.
### Fix - Addressed a Visual issue
### Fix - Changed image resolution to resolve social sharing issue.
### Fix - Addressed Image cache issue for social sharing.

[2.18] 2020-11-20
### Added hooks for add additional mail templates
### Added referral code filter in order listing page
### Changed referral registration flow in check out page
### Fixed auto join referral user issue
### Fixed display credits with points 
### Fixed warnings

[2.17] 2020-09-17
### Added a copy referraral code from dashboard
### Added customer based bonus offers
### Added total volume of referees
### Added search by customer name/email to referral users panel
### Added search by customer name/order id/referral code to orderwise user credits panel
### Fixed multiple store credits for same order
### Fixed typo mistake and warnings

[2.16] 2020-05-23
### Added a setting for referral users where a user will not gain any reward point without a purchase.
### Added a setting to select products to gain reward points.
### Fixed a mail class issue.
### Fixed a search based issue from the Referral user tab.
### Improved the UI layout on the front as well as on the admin panel.

[2.15] 2020-05-13
### Fixed typo mistake and warnings.
### Added support for Binary MLM System.

[2.14] 2020-02-18
### Fix language translation issue.
### Change a minor backend layout.

[2.13] 2019-12-04
### Improved code for the social media sharing banners. 
### Removed some issues. 

[2.12] 2019-12-03
### Remove bug from the admin referral listing. 

[2.11] 2019-11-11
### We added ability to add Referral code and link dynamically on Custom Banners. Previously, this feature was available for pre-defined banners. 
### The size of Social media sharing banners has been changed to 1200px*630px. 
### Store owners can design their own banners and upload. The referral code and link will be added dynamically on the banners on top and bottom respectively. Keep the 100px space on top and bottom for referral code and link.

[2.10] 2019-11-05
### Added shortcode support for front end my account dashboard tabs "Referral" and "My Affiliates".
[wmc_my_referral_tab] : It will provide ability to invite peoples by email and social media sharing. 
[wmc_my_affiliate_tab] : It will show the list of referral's of logged in user. 
### Provided High resolution pre-designed banners to share on social media 

[2.9] 2019-10-17
### Added option to control the distribution of credit points in Recursive Credit method. Admin can set number of levels which are entitled to receive the credit points from the settings.  

[2.8] 2019-09-20
### Implemented AJAX technique to get followers/referral's count in the admin panel to improve the page performance.

[2.7] 2019-08-13
### Fixed issues related to followers count. 

[2.6] 2019-08-05
### Upgraded to new Envato API to validate plugin. 

[2.5.1] 2019-06-25
### Fixed bug in cart and checkout page related to redemption of credit point feature.

[2.5] 2019-06-08
### Fixed bug permalink and social media share.

[2.4] 2019-05-22
### Fixed bug with Auto join feature in checkout page.

[2.3] 2019-05-21
### Fixed bug related to "My Affiliate" tab in Dashboard.

[2.2] 2019-05-17
### Fixed some minor bugs from the plugin.

[2.1] 2019-03-18
### Fixed Issue in checkout form caused by terms and condition checkbox.
### Change the order of referral program fields on checkout page. 

[2.0] 2019-01-16
### Level Based credit system
#### Previously, the credit percentile was fixed and was applicate globally. With this new version, we are now introducing and adding a completely new credit system as. Henceforth, the store owners will be able to assign variable percentile for each level of referrers individually, as well.
Store owners can manage level base credit percentage globally (Applicable for all products), Category Wise and even product specific. 
This version does not replace the old credit system and that too will be in working status. Apparently, now, we have 2 systems to choose from, Depending upon a subsequent criteria, store owners will now have the choice to choose either from - Level Based Credit System (LCS) or Recursive Credit System (RCS - old one). 
### Manage number of levels.
#### Store owners now can define the number of referrer levels which the referrers would receive the credit points for. 
From the admin panel, store owners can now manage levels and their credit percentage. 
### Social Media Sharing
#### We are happy to be introducing a social media sharing option as well for the referrers. 
Referrers can share predefined banners on social media for increasing their network. 
Visitors who follow or click a socially shared link, will join under the referrer’s account. The previous version only had an option to invite people to join referral program, only via email. But now, social media sharing is available, apparently opening one’s business up to a wider audience.

[1.4.7] 2018-02-24
### Bug Fix
#### Made compatible with WordPress 4.9.4 and Woo commerce 3.3.3. The plugin setting page was showing some warnings/errors which are removed from this version. 

[1.4.6] 2018-01-20
### Bug Fix
#### Remove validations from the referral program fields, if the users do not wants to join the referral program.

[1.4.5] 2018-01-19
### Added Feature
#### Now Users can join referral program from the checkout page if they wants to register on the website. 
### Bug fix
#### If users added wrong referral code then plugins shows the error message but they can not able to change the code to correct it. Now, this bug has been fixed so users can change the wrong referral code. 

[1.4.4] 2017-12-18
### Bug Fix
####  The exclude product select list issue has been resolved in this version.

[1.4.3] 2017-09-11
### Bug Fix
####  Made compatible with latest version of WordPress and Woo commerce.
#### There was an issue where the row action options for Posts and Custom Post Types were not visible after upgrading to the latest version of WordPress, which has been resolved now.

[1.4.2] 2016-11-21
### Bug Fix
#### Removed bug in the code which is affecting showing list of users in admin panel if the prefix of wordpress tables has been modified.

[1.4.1] 2016-10-28
### Added
#### My Affiliate Information: 
There is one more mod where we have added a new shortcode "[wmc_show_affiliate_info]" to show affiliate user information in tabular format for customers who are already logged in. 
A customer can see a list of users who have joined their referral program using his/her referral code.
This shortcode can be used anywhere on any given page and post, just as in - [wmc_invite_friends] and [wmc_show_credit_info] shortcodes.
### Added
#### Referral tab in My account page : 
Hello folks.
We have yet another modification here to the Front End.
The Referral Tab is now on the My Account page
This tab has been added to the WooCommerce 'My Account' page.
All plugin related information will be displayed here itself now. Previously this was within the WooCommerce Dashboard.
Following this one can now view entities like the Invitation form, Affiliate information as well as the Credit points information there itself henceforth.
Also, the users can now see all their referral activity inside one separate tab - "Referral".

[1.4] 2016-10-18
### Added
#### Multilingual Support : We are happy to announce that the WooCommerce Referral Plugin now has gone multilingual and supports French and Italian. 
Currently it supports the above 2 languages only, but the good news is that it can be made available in any given language (non-regional), and you just need to contact us with your preferred language.
To add to the lucidity, If one has some knowledge of the WordPress Multilingual feat, one can himself make the plugin available in any preferred language. It is that easy.
You just need to reach out to us and we will guide you with few simple steps and you will have the plugin available in the language of your choice.
### Added
#### Welcome Credit Setting : 
Previously, the Welcome credit points were only available for newly registered users.
Now, existing users too will get the benefit of Welcome Credits on their first purchase.
Administrator can choose this option between all users or can restrict it to newly registered users only.

[1.3] 2016-09-30
### Fixed
#### The referral program joining form for already registered users was not being displayed within the WooCommerce My Account section. We have now fixed this issue and now the users which have not joined the referral program can view the joining form within the WooCommerce My account page.

[1.3] 2016-09-25
### Added
#### Category level Credit point feature has been added. Now, you can set credit point percentage for categories, and so percentage defined for category will be applicable for all the products within that category. 
If the product level percentage is not defined, then, the category level percentage will be applied and if both, the product and the category level percentage is not defined then, global percentage will be applied. In case if the product is having multiple categories then, lowest/highest percentage among all the categories will be applied. You can choose whether lowest or highest should be applied, from the plugin settings.

[1.2] 2016-09-20
### Added
#### Added two more shortcodes to show "Invite Friend" form and "Credit point details". Now credit point information and invite friend form can be show anywhere on wordpress pages. These shortcodes will show information of users who are logged in.
[wmc_invite_friends] =  this shortcode will show invite friend form.
[wmc_show_credit_info] = this will show logged in user credit point information.

[1.2] 2016-09-10
### Added
#### Added Auto join feature. Provided "Auto Register" option in admin panel. If user select "Yes" then users will automatically join to the referral program, if select "No" then plugin will provide option to join or not to referral program while registration. 
#### Added Product level credit point settings. If product level percentage has been added then product percentage will be used otherwise global percentage will be used.

[1.1] 2016-08-26
### Fixed
#### Added security to prevent XSS attacks  

[1.1] 2016-08-06
### Fixed
#### Fixed activation bug from the plugin.
### Changed
#### corrected typo mistake.

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