WooCommerce Offline Credit Card Payment Method

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  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Enable / Disable Offline credit card payment gateway.
  • Easily change title, discription of offline credit card payment gateway.
  • High Security fot encryption/decryption credit card details
  • User was able to set own password for decrypt credit card details.
  • Easily change label of card holder name, account nomber
  • Easily change label of exipry date & cvc nomber
  • User can save it’s own encryption password on user profile page OR payment gateway setting option.
  • User’s encrpted credit card details store on each order & admin can see this details via encrption password.
  • You can get payment on your own account using this offline creadit card details
Note : This payment gateway plugin is addon of WooCommerce, so this plugin installation require WooCommerc .


Version 1.1 – 19 March 2017

 1) Added Cart type option.
 2) Added Account Number Validation.

Version 1.2 – 16 Apr 2017

 1) wc order fetal error issue resolved for latest woocommerce 3.0 or above versions.

Version 1.3 – 24 Apr 2017

 1) Added Translation for Hebrew & French langauges( PO & MO Added ).

Version 1.4 – 12 May 2017

 1) Added jQuery real time validation
2) Enable Disable Option For Jquery Validation
3) Checkout Page Credit cart fetching dynamically
4) Delete Unuse Credit card on completed order
5) Added more security for encrypt password

Version 1.5 – 16 May 2017

 1) Now set decryption credit card password by only administor user on it's profile page

Version 1.6 – 21 Oct 2017

1) Uppercase validation removed.  If you get validation so only need remove comment on line no 234 in class-offline-credit-card-payment.php
2) Added option for set default order status
3) Credit card icons added on bottom of corner in payment gateway screen
4) generate_iv resolved paramiter issue
5) Resolved fetal error issue on admin credit card metabox inside order details page.
6) Shop manager is only use password, but not set descrypt password. Decrypt password set only admin user.

Version 1.6.1 – 22 Jan 2018

i) Remove extra paramiter on checkcreditcard function
    ii)  base64 decode remove and added strong encryption for password
    iii) Replaced get_payment_method to get_post_meta for older version is not support this method
    iv) get_id() replaced to ID for older version is not support this method

Version 1.7 | 15-04-2020

i) Direct propery access warning issue fixed
ii)  Other admin minor warning issue fixed

Version 1.7.1 | 27-03-2022

i) PHP syntex deprecated issue fixed

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