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WooCommerce Store Closing plugin is a comprehensive and the most complete store closing system for WooCommerce. Hundreds of online stores use our Store Closing plugin to close their shops to orders for specific periods.

We started to build this plugin with a basic idea, online services need breaks. Except for a very few, most of the online stores need to be closed for certain times. With our plugin, you can close your shop right away with the one-click button. You also can set three different times a day for opening and closing. We even have an upcoming feature for future holiday dates.


We enabled RemindMe as a function for the WooCommerce Store Closing plugin. Customers who enter their email addresses into your notification area will receive an email from the RemindMe feature when your store reopens.
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    • Set opening and closing times each day up to three different times for your online store.
    • When store closing is activated on your system, you can show a notification and hide the “add to cart” button.
    • There is an option for only showing notifications. This way you can keep your store open for orders but still can communicate with your customers.
    • “General message” can be used as an information board, you can write any text you want and inform your customers, it doesn’t need to be related to Store closing.
    • You can change your CSS depending on your active hours.
    • “Shortcode” feature allows you to show your notification wherever you want.
    • “Countdown” is a great feature for notifications. You can use it to show customers a countdown for the opening time of the store.
    • Our plugin supports “User Roles”, so you may assign a store manager to deal with opening and closing times.
    • Even if you have no knowledge of coding, you can create very smart and eye-catching notification messages.
    • You can see your store status on the WordPress Dashboard, easy to understand if it is open or closed.
    • Setup is a lot easier for first-time users. With one click you can do all settings and arrange them for your needs with the auto setup feature with lots of pre-made settings.
    • Always up to date with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce. Store closing plugin always worked without a problem in five years of its lifespan. We manage to update it directly for recent changes and we’ll continue to update and improve it.


    • There is a smart indicator on the top of the settings. You can see whether your store is open or closed, also which setting is active.
    • There is a Basic and Advanced mode. Basic hides lots of advanced settings and only shows easy ones to close or open your store quickly. The advanced mode shows a lot of powerful options, including pop-up, exclude, notifications and custom CSS for appearance.
    • Auto setup feature with lots of new pre-made settings. This will make your setup a lot easier and great for first time users. With one click you can do all settings and arrange them for your needs.
    • You can set three different times for each day, and all of these are in one tab. It is easy to configure, all you need to set one week’s opening and closing times. It will repeat each week.
    • There are some smart tags that you can use in notifications. With these tags you can show active hours, a countdown, or a ShortCode (created from your theme or other plugins) in the notification area.


    • You can set unlimited opening and closing time for future dates. It is a powerful feature that enables you to set your holiday times before it gets close. This way you can do all your plans for the new year and set your store opening and closing dates.
    • Customized notifications for upcoming dates. You can set some specific messages for holidays, like Ramadan Mubarak, Merry Christmas etc.
    • There is a setting to show specific notification before the upcoming closing time. Which is great for informing your customers before the store closed.
    • Smart tags in the daily also can be used for Upcoming notifications. You can set a countdown, show active hours, or use a short code in the notification area.
    • The Business Plan feature enables you to see your opening and closing plan.


    • “One click close” is a great feature to close your store immediately. All you need to do is click the close symbol; you don’t even need to click save settings. Your store will be closed until you open it back.
    • “Manual closing” feature has the highest priority. This setting overrides all your other settings like daily or upcoming.


    • When you want something big to inform your customers about your store closing. You need a bigger option than the “add to cart” button. You can use the pop-up feature to inform your customers about your store closing.
    • You can set an automatic time for the disappearance or manually close the pop-up.
    • Cookie option with timed setting can prevent opening the same pop-up over and over.
    • You can exclude some pages from pop-up opening.
    • There is a special CSS class for pop-up, also you can add background color and opacity for the pop-up page.


    • Store closing can close all your store for orders, but you might need a category always open for orders. Which can be subscriptions or weekly orders. Exclude category allows you to exclude one category. Also, with recent updates we added a new feature which runs the Exclude function vice versa. You can close only selected category and close the rest by only one checkbox.
    • You can set a time limit for the exclude function; it can trigger by your selected times.
    • We check the cart before store closing, if a user has products from a closed category, order won’t be processed.
    • There is a special notification for the exclude function, you can write a message if your customer has different products than excluded category in cart. Order won’t be processed, and this message will appear on the customer’s screen, you can write whatever you want.
    • You can hide the pop-up for excluded category in cart and order pages.


    • Smart notification messages.
    • Smart tags on notification messages. (Active hours, countdown, short code etc.)
    • You can create different messages for day parts.
    • Defining WooCommerce hooks for notification message area. (Product, Shop, Cart, Order)


    • Very detailed custom notification message appearance
    • We have some pre-made themes for notification messages, you can select one and change its settings for your preference.
    • “Only Screen Notification” feature allows you to show only notification messages but keeps your store open for orders.
    • You may choose a role for store closing management. It is working with WordPress user roles.
    • Backup and Restore settings.
    • Clear all data can create a fresh start


    • RemindMe feature is a revolutionary notification solution for your consumers.
    • Adds a bell icon to your store closing notification, customers can enter their email in this area.
    • Customers who have added their email address to RemindMe will receive an email reminder when your shop opens.
    • You may change the wording of emails, send buttons, and success and error messages.
    • You may also change the sender name, sender email, and subject lines.

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Improving our plugin day by day is our priority. We added lots of new features after we made it great at the closing and opening parts. The plugin has an advanced notification feature, it is possible to use a general one, a daily one, or upcoming, different notifications for different closing types. The countdown for store opening is also a good feature. The Shortcode feature is very useful, it helps you to use a shortcode for notification areas, also if you have multiple languages in your system and your multi-language plugin supports shortcode translations, you can show our message in different languages. The pop-up feature adds a layer to your website and shows your notification about your store situation.

Some products such as subscriptions or prepaid orders need to be available 7×24 even if your store closed. We have designed an exclude system for these situations, you can select a product category to exclude them from Store Closing. This will close your website but products in this category will always be available.

We have fast and effective support for our plugin and our team is checking the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress at day one and responding to these changes quickly. We stick with WordPress and WooCommerce defaults, which makes our updates very fast, compatibility is almost %100 with the latest version every time. We’re always up to date and working. Feedbacks are also very important for us. We are improving our code with customer feedback and adding lots of new features with popular requests.

What we offer is more than a basic plugin. We have been developing it regularly for three years and now it is used by over 500 companies worldwide. We are opening and closing WooCommerce stores more than a thousand times every day. If you want a plugin to automatically close your store, our plugin is what you need.


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