WordPress Comment Rating Plugin

Wordpress Comment Rating Plugin

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WordPress Comment Rating Plugin

The WordPress Comment Rating Plugin allows ratings on your comments.

Comment Rating Plugin Features

  • Easy to use
  • Custom Retina FontAwesome Icons
  • Custom Icon colors
  • Comment Resorting according to their ratings
  • Custom icon size
  • Custom CSS
  • IP-Address-Detection
  • Cookie Detection
  • IP encryption (for European users)
  • Language ready (.po files included)
  • Already translated into English and German
  • Automatic Updates when providing your purchase code
  • Uninstall feature

Plugin Requirements

  • This plugin requires: PHP 5.4 running on your web server 
  • A WordPress Version higher or equal 3.7 is needed.
  • Please diagnose for JavaScript Errors before your purchase. Otherwise, it might be possible that the rating will not work. Click here to learn more about how to diagnose JavaScript Errors within your browser.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot check the plugin with every theme out there. For this, we have integrated a “Custom CSS” field where you can correct issues.
  • Please note that this plugin currently only works when your theme is using the internal WordPress get_comment() function to render comments. If it uses any custom callbacks, it will not work. Please ask your theme author prior to buying this plugin.
  • This plugin does not allow to rate or resort third-party content (like bbPress forum posts) because these plugins are using their own internal commenting system.
  • Please note that the plugin will not work with other Ajaxified comment plugins (ex. ajax pagination, etc.)

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