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WordPress Content Filter FAQ

WordPress Content Filter FAQ

What is the WordPress Content Filter?

The WordPress Content Filter is a feature that allows users to control and filter the content displayed on their WordPress website. It can be used to exclude certain words or phrases from being displayed, filter out spam content, or restrict access to certain types of content.

How do I enable the Content Filter in WordPress?

To enable the Content Filter in WordPress, you can use a plugin or write custom code. There are several plugins available in the WordPress repository that provide content filtering functionality. You can search for and install a plugin that best suits your needs, and then configure it to filter the content as desired. Alternatively, if you are comfortable with coding, you can write custom functions to filter the content using WordPress hooks and filters.

Can the Content Filter be used to block spam comments?

Yes, the Content Filter can be used to block spam comments on your WordPress website. By configuring the filter to exclude or flag certain keywords commonly found in spam comments, you can effectively reduce the amount of spam that appears on your site.

What types of content can the Content Filter restrict access to?

The Content Filter can restrict access to various types of content on your WordPress website, such as specific posts, pages, or custom post types. You can use the filter to set access restrictions based on user roles or user capabilities, and control who can view or interact with certain content.

Is the Content Filter compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins?

While most WordPress themes and plugins should be compatible with the Content Filter, it’s always a good idea to test the filter with your specific setup to ensure compatibility. Some themes and plugins may have custom content rendering or display mechanisms that could conflict with the filter, so it’s important to thoroughly test the filter after implementation.

WordPress Content Filter lets you filter by rating, custom fields, taxonomies, meta fields, authors, dates, post types, sort and more.

Users now able to choose to use the Redirect or Ajax to display the search result.

It allows you filter posts, pages, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads: product attributes, product categories, custom taxonomies, price, meta fields …

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Key Features:

  • Easy to customize for developers
  • Work on WordPress 4.2+
  • Create as many different search forms
  • Support Advanced Custom Fields ( Pro )
  • Show Private Posts in Search Results with User Roles
  • Show private posts by user
  • Grid Type: Default, Shop, Table
  • Search results with Masonry Grid
  • Search form sidebar on mobile
  • Sort search results
  • Import/export forms
  • Filter by rating, custom fields, taxonomies, meta fields, authors, dates, attributes, categories, tags and more
  • Support post types
  • Support checkbox, radio, select, multiselect,color field.
  • Use AJAX or Redirect to display results
  • Displaying Fields: Vertical or Horizontal
  • Shortcode & Widget
  • Custom templates for search results.
  • Custom CSS.
  • Support filter by price for WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads
  • 13 Available Fields
  • Cross Browser (IE9+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge)
  • WPML ready
  • Documentation included


  • WordPress Content Filter Addon is an addon that supports extra features, set default expand/collapse field
    ,Support SEO Friendly url: Buy now


Filter Posts with Table grid

Filter Posts

Filter Fields sidebar on mobile


Table Grid


Shop Grid


Default Grid


Vertical Fields


Horizontal Fields


Change Log:

28.06.2023 - Version 2.8.4
* Added lightbox for default grid layout
* Changed default grid layout
* Fixed some css
* Updated core system
* Force using color scheme

11.04.2023 - Version 2.8.3
* Added display type is color circle for taxonomy
* Compatible with WP 6.1
* Fixed css style

17.10.2022 - Version 2.8.0
* Added grid results widget
* Removed unnecessary compare for taxonomy/acf
* Disabled fields when it has added already to search form
* Removed filter checkbox at rating field
* Removed ajax loader option
* Optimized speed search
* Removed sample search form
* Fixed load select2 script
* Fixed select2 on mobile
* Added new dialog to get terms for taxonomy field
* Improved speed big site in backend
* Updated core
* Changed input query name
* Fixed search results is not redirect to set results page
* Compatible with php 8.1

22.08.2022 - Version 2.7.8
* Updated core system
* Moved settings box of search form to content position
* Removed excerpt post template
* Added select2 for select mode
* Removed custom Template
* Removed required input query
* Optimized sql query
* Fixed search query in search results
* Config page to display search results in settings section of search form
* Added the callback js option when ajax filter is completed
* Close filter box on mobile when clicking out of fitler box

11.03.2022 - Version 2.7.7
* Fixed display all posts when using ACF
* Fixed display type for acf field
* Fixed icon of datepicker
13.11.2021 - Version 2.7.6
* Optimized template engine
* Updated default template
* Fixed taxonomy field
* Fixed css field
* Fixed reset search form works incorrectly
* Fixed grid table
* Updated demo site
12.08.2021 - Version 2.7.5
* Fixed url when disabled ajax
* Fixed line break on field description
12.05.2021 - Version 2.7.4
* Removed inline CSS
* Added "use strict" to js
* Optimized js
* Added translatable and properly escaped
* Removed en_US language files
11.09.2020 - Version 2.7.3
* Fixed select post type in search form
26.08.2020 - Version 2.7.2
* Fixed load template for post type
22.03.2020 - Version 2.7.1
* Fixed filter posts with default value
21.03.2020 - Version 2.7
* Added show author by role for Author field
* Added filter posts with default value for Author, Taxonomy, Meta Field, ACF field
* Added sort with default value for Sort field
11.12.2019 - Version 2.6
* Fixed warning select option
* Fixed filter posts for ACF field
02.11.2019 - Version 2.5
* Display search results using masonry grid
* Speed up ajax search results
* Show private posts by user
27.10.2019 - Version 2.4
* Added sort search results
* Move pagination of table grid to header
* Fixed import search forms on WordPress 5
* Support Advanced Custom Fields Pro
* Show Private Posts in Search Results with User Roles
* Added Search Form sidebar on mobile
* Fixed pagination of table grid when using ajax filter
* Change scroll top right when requesting ajax
* Allow to show/hide ajax url
21.10.2019 - Version 2.2
* Fixed html id of field
* Fixed warning taxonomy color
* Allow to change the grid type of search results
* Must select the grid type is post type if you want to display the template of a post type
* Added table grid with sort columns, pagination
* Updated demo website more beautiful
02.10.2019 - Version 2.1
* Work with WordPress 5.2
09.08.2017 - Version 2.0
* Fixed exclude terms of taxonomy in results
* Fixed warning in search form setting
* Work with WordPress 4.8
22.01.2016 - Version 1.8
* Fixed exclude terms not work for taxonomy field
* Fixed can't click anything on field to config on firefox
24.10.2015 - Version 1.7
* Fixed form search shortcode not display
09.10.2015 - Version 1.6 
* Fixed pagination when not use ajax
* Fixed not show custom taxonomy
* Added wcf-grid-results template for grid results
14.08.2015 - Version 1.5 : Saving search form again to get latest option
* Added reset filter for search form
* Added clear keyword for input query field
* Added intro field on tooltip
* Added tooltip option in the settings page
07.08.2015 - Version 1.4
* Fixed load template from theme
* Loading default template for custom post type
30.07.2015 - Version 1.3
* Fixed can't drop item into an empty search form box
23.07.2015 - Version 1.2
* Keep selected values from search form after submit
* Added order by option for taxonomy field
* Added order option for taxonomy field
* Added hierarchical option for taxonomy field
* Fixed select default select/radio for taxonomy field
* Filter 'select all' by default or not
* Only show "SEARCH RESULTS FOR" when enter keyword
18.07.2015 - Version 1.1
* Fixed css for horizontal mode
* Added horizontal fields on mobile when using Vertical mode
* Added 'generate terms color' button for taxonomy field

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