Wplms Learning Management System App For Education &Amp; Elearning

WPLMS Learning Management System App for Education & eLearning

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WPLMS Student app is a mobile app developed for the WPLMS Learning management system.
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End of Life since October 2021. Only in maintenance mode.

Update to ionic v 4 ( check our iOs App ) all packages upgraded to latest versions !

The Mobile app integrates with the REST API and oAuth Server developed in the WPLMS LMS system.

Version 3.0 released on 6th March’20

  • BBB VideoConferencing Integration
  • Membership purchase via Wallet
  • Push Notifications
  • Multi Site support
  • Live Chat Support
  • Wallet and In-App Purchases

Wplms App On Google Store

Wplms App On Apple Store

Wplms Learning Management System App For Education & Elearning - 1

Custom Introduction

Wplms Intro Screen

Custom Effects

Wplms Custom Effects

Split screen supported

Wplms Learning Management System App For Education & Elearning - 2
Feature list :

  1. Automatically display your courses from WPLMS Site.
  2. Automatically recognise user logins from your site.
  3. Students can register directly in the app and their account is created in the site.
  4. Students can browse courses in the App – directory and subscribe to the courses.
  5. Students can enrol themselves in free courses or pay via website – WooCommerce checkout system which supports multiple payment gateways.
  6. Students can keep track of their courses on App or website in sync.
  7. Students courses are loaded and available in offline mode.
  8. Administrator can send notifications and updates to App users.
  9. Administrator can remove/force logout users from the app.
  10. Wishlist feature in app.
  11. Blog feature in app.
  12. Quiz with MCQ, MCC, Fill blank, Select drop, text answer type.
  13. Quiz results section.
  14. User Dashboards with Course and Quiz graphs.


Upcoming features :

  1. In AppPurchase & Wallet system for purchasing courses [Available in version 2.0 28th December’17]
  2. AdMob integration [Added in version 2.1]
  3. Push notifications integration [Added in version 2.1]
  4. Login via OTP [Added in version 2.6]
  5. Instructor App : ability to create courses
  6. Scorm Course compatibility. [Added in version 1.9]
  7. Notes and discussions integration. [Available in version 2.3 released on 7th December’18]
  8. Upload Assignments integrations. [Added in version 2.4]
  9. Course batches integration. [Added in version 2.6]
  10. Members Directory integration. [Added in version 2.6]
  11. Live Chat integration. [Added in version 2.5]
  12. Audio caching / Offline Audio [Added in version 2.6]
  13. Video caching / Offline Videos [expected in version 2.7]

Installation and Customisation

Follow the demo link for Installation and Customisation support.

Note: – For selling courses consider extended license


End of Life as of October 2021

- Many Cordova modules no longer maintained
- End of Life

Version 3.0

- BBB Video Conferencing integration
- Membership Purchase via Points
- Batches bug resolved.
- Image bug in android resolved.

Version 2.7 (live 29th October’19)

- Push Notifications
- Multisite Support
- Audio Videos support in Course description & blog posts
- Attendance Support

Version 2.6

- Ionic V 4/5 ( all packages updated to latest )
- Groups / Batches Integration, directory, course and profile
- Audio Caching / Offline audios in App.
- Members Profile & Directory.
- BBPress Forums, Topics and Replies

Version 2.5

- Live Chat Integration

Version 2.4

- Upload Assignments

Version 2.3

- Unit Attachments
- Notes and Discussion
- Course expiry implemented
- image cache update
- RTL support for instructor

Version 2.2

- Bug fixes
- Unit open option for Visual Composer/Elementor units
- Logout caching fix
- Profile related bug fixes

Version 2.1

- Quiz retakes Feature
- RTL config variable for RTL apps
- Fixed infinite scrolling bug in myCourses
- Loading course page on subscribing user to course
- Option for new window in iframe popups
- Profile related bug fixes

Version 2.0

-> Wallet Feature and inAppPurchases
-> Course Categories duplication bug fix
-> Multiple Pricing for same course supported
-> Quiz answers not marked when check answer disabled fix
->  Sample product to appear consistently for Wallet.

Version 1.5

- Fixed image cache issue
- FullScreen Video fix
- Translation fixes
- option to default to MyCourses on Profile

Version 1.4

- Fixed directory filters bug
- Missing String translations added
- Infinite scroll bug fixed
- pagination bug in config fixed
- levels, location taxonomy not working
- pricing options added
- Redundant script includes removed

Version 1.3

- Fixed login bug

Version 1.2

- Google and Facebook Login

Version 1.1

- Fixes with latest Ionic 3.0
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