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Why ZS Japan map?

ZS Japan Map is a perfect solution to tag the important locations anywhere you want.

  • An user-friendly, interactive map to set up an unlimited number of markers for your business locations, customers, partners, places you plan to travel to, or any other location based data presentation.
  • Update the location coordinates at any time for no additional cost.
  • No need to deal with the unwanted features and traffic oriented price rates of other map applications.
  • To assure your satisfaction ZS Japan Map offers 6 months of technical support.
  • Where I can use it?

    • for presentation of your travel plans or memories
    • for geografic displaying of your international partners or your branch offices placement
    • for data visualisation (for example making information about COVID-19 per regions)
    • for display statistics (fertility, GDP)
    • for present Japan news (each region can have infobox with hyperlink to your article)

    About ZS Japan map

    ZS Japan map is a most detailed svg Japan map! This map contains a lot of islands, limits are neats and very detailed! In this version you have possibility to easely set markers with information you will see at infobox (as on google maps or mapbox). regions also have possibility to display infobox. The interactive template of the Japan map gives you an easy way to install and customize a professional looking interactive map with all regions. If you need to show only one region you can easely disable all another paths (remove them manually or with one line of code) and select map center and initial zoom.

    Interactive clickable and responsive Japan map with possibility of adding markers using real geographic coordinates (lat/lng). This map runs with javascript (jQuery) based on Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), So it can be scaled to any size without losing its quality. Zooming and moving functionality no need any third party plugins, everything you need is on this package.

    List of locations:

    • Hokkaido – HO
    • Tohoku – TO
    • Kanto – KA
    • Chubu – CB
    • Kinki/Kansai – KI
    • Chugoku – CG
    • Shikoku – SH
    • Kyushu (incl. Okinawa) – KY


    1. The map consists of HTML/CSS/JS/SVG files.
    2. Markers using coordinates
    3. It works on different platforms without any additional plugins.
    4. Editable infobox over each region and marker for.
    5. Responsivness. This map can fit in its available dimension without horizontal scroll
    6. Runs with javascript, no flash required
    7. Full documentation included
    8. Easily customized through simple JavaScript/css files

    Each region can be customized independently (color, infobox etc).

    File Included :

    1. folder with documentation (html file with some images)
    2. an file index.html (svg with pathes)
    3. an file with styles (zs_map.css)
    4. an file with logic for hover (zs_map.js)
    5. an file with our settings (zs_main.js)
    6. an file with svg vector map (ZSmap.svg)
    7. an external connection of jQuery


2021/04/19 - v.2.0.1 Initial Release

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